The Girl Who Lived?

Rose Prince was a simple tomboy living in a small town. She loved playing sports and had artistic talents others could only dream of having. Her sixteenth birthday was the day her life started to change completely. Her mother died but she believes her mother was murdered. After a short visit from the one and only Albus Dumbledore, Rose finds out she's a witch and leaves the United States to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Making new friends and learning a new way of life, Rose Prince begins the adventure of a lifetime. Betrayal, love, and magic rule her life now.


2. I;m a Witch?

It's been a week since my mom died and it still has not gotten much better. Every night I cry myself to sleep about how much I miss my mom. My dad has even been avoiding me like I'm the plague. I think he's avoiding me because I look so much like my mother; I just remind him that she's not here anymore. Walking home from my soccer tryouts, I'm exhausted. Dragging my feet across the sidewalk, I felt as if someone was following me. Abruptly, I spun around only to see a tabby cat looking at me. I must be going crazy if I'm getting worried about a cat. Gripping my bad tighter, I began to walk faster. I can see my house coming into view. The only light coming from it was from the kitchen window, Dad must be making dinner. Stepping through the doorway and dropping my stuff in the hallway closet, I spotted an old man sitting at the dinning room table. He wore half-mooned glasses and light blue robes that looked as if he was wearing a dress, connected to his aging face was a white beard which could have easily been a yard long. "Ah! Miss Prince! It is so marvelous to see you again." His voice, British accent and all, held power behind his words. Wait. Did he said again? I'm pretty sure I would remember this man, "Sorry, but I don't think we have met before." Now this is getting weird. Amusement changed his facial features, "You were just a wee baby so you wouldn't remember I'm afraid. I'm Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It's the school I hope you'll attend this coming year, you're parents would be pleased to see you learn magic I'm sure." I'm sure it was obvious that I was confused by what he was saying. Did he really just say magic? Witchcraft and wizardry? This man must have lost his marbles over the years, "There's no such thing as magic, sir." Right? I always did seem different from my friends at school, but I just thought it was because I never did act like a girl, I always played sports with the boys. My attention was quickly turned towards my father when he walked into the room. He didn't seem in such a mad mood, like he has been, when he sat down. Motioning for me to sit down as well, his words were serious, "Everything that Albus has said so far is true, sweetie. He met you when you were just a few months old while trying to find a safe place for our family to live." By now I could tell my father did not want to talk about this. I really did believe what I was being told, why would my father lie about something like this? Thinking through everything I was just told, it started to make a little bit of sense. Although, I did have an important question, "What do you mean by 'safe'? What are you keeping from me?" It was obvious that my father did not expect me to ask that. It took several moments for him to think his answer through, "Your mom and I were not always the best people. There's a dark wizard, feared by all, who has followers; Death Eaters. We joined the group before we realized how bad it was. No one can get out of being a Death eater but sure as hell we tried. I went to Albus, surely one of the most powerful wizards, to help us. By this time you were almost a year old, I had to try and protect you before anything terrible happened. For awhile we stayed with this couple and their son, who was younger than you by only a single day, we were enemies with them as kids though. We were there for awhile until the Dark Lord showed up to kill me and your mum, baby Harry as well. Your mum and I were not at the house at the time though; Harry's parents gave their lives to protect you and their son. I'm so grateful that you survived that night with only your cheek being scared." Taking a deep breath, my father gave me the impression that he has not talked about this in a very long time. So I didn't get my scar from skateboarding? What happened that night for me to get it then? The parents who saved my life must have been very brave. I can only hope to meet this boy named Harry; I want to tell him that he should be proud of his parents for standing up the the Dark Lord, whoever he really is.
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