Mia was a normal girl who likes a guy but he has no clue.Will he like her back?Will she end up hating him?Find out in this thriller.


11. The Tour Bus

I grabbed my fairy dust that Mia,my fairy friend gave me and left.I hugged everyone but Jason and Taylor.Then I called Harry and waited for him to come and get me.After I hung up Jason came running out to me and pulled me into a hug.I was confused and angry so I didn't hug back but almost started crying.He pushed back and I looked at him and his face was filled with sympathy."Im sorry.Jaymes told me how that was an old photo.I hope you forgive me and maybe you wont leave.Everyone will miss you, even me.Taylor is moving out so you wont have to deal with her. Please?" I was choked up so I shook my head before speaking.

"Maybe sometime later we could try again but for now i don't think so.We could still be friends though.I will love you forever and always but I'm not ready yet.I don't know if i could trust you."I said beginning to cry.I heard them honk behind me so i grabbed my bags and kissed Jason on the cheek.He stood there frozen and just as I walkeHd away he began to cry.That made me cry and I couldn't hold it in.Just then Harry ran out and hugged me.I dropped my bags and hugged him back still weeping.I heard Jason running towards me and he grabbed me and shoved Harry.I moved back and saw him getting mad. 

"Its you.My love is leaving me for YOU." He growled.Harry glared and nodded before smirking.

"Im sorry Jason.Its not my fault you hurt this perfect angel.Its yours and I'm here to help her, something you can't seem to do." He said as Niall and the others came and stood behind him.They all showed their fangs and Jason shook his head walking away.I heard him sob and I ran to him.

"He has a point.Just remember that maybe.Heres my number.Call or text me whenever."I said giving him a paper with my number on it before hugging him and running back to Harry and the rest.I grabbed my bags and walked to the bus.I sighed and stepped on.

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