Mia was a normal girl who likes a guy but he has no clue.Will he like her back?Will she end up hating him?Find out in this thriller.


2. The Move

This is what she was wearing this day: ^^^^^^


...''Mum!! You didn't tell me this why?!?!"I yelled at my mum walking down the stairs where everything was packed.

''Because I know you darling and you wouldn't want to move."My mum said like nothing was going on.I went to the art room and sung to calm myself.My mum would always do this stuff and this is the only way to calm myself."Mia!"My mum called after I finished singing The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars.I walked down stairs to see my boyfriend Jaymes standing in the living room.

"Jay!!!!"I yelled running and jumping into his arms."I would have you sit but there is no where to sit."I said giggling as he kept kissing my face.

"I don't care but I have to tell you something."He said scratching his neck.I motioned for him to go on.''I'm braking up with you because your moving.''He said.I looked at him in complete shock before the tears ran down my face.

"What happened to staying together because distance doesn't matter."I said and he shrugged.I ran up the stairs and called my aunt Anni."He-e b-broke up w-with me...O-ok I-I have t-to go...Lo-o-ve you to-o-o."I said through my tears.He ran up stairs and came and cuddled me.

''I'm sorry but I will call you and facetime you and we can be best friends."He said.I nodded.H eleft and we got the rest of our stuff in the truck before heading to the airport.Mum found a house on the spot.We loaded the plane before I fell asleep...

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