Mia was a normal girl who likes a guy but he has no clue.Will he like her back?Will she end up hating him?Find out in this thriller.


5. School

After going shopping and stuff like that me and Jason decided to go to school.I went home and got ready before he came over to drive me to school.While we were driving I watched Youtube videos since the drive was 15 minutes long.I looked for videos in my area and saw one with a hot guy.So I watched it."HELLO EVERYONE!!This is Justin,Austin,and Harry!,"They screamed,"Today Harry will be eating as many marshmallows as he can,Austin will be drinking 3 gallons of water,and I will be singing."He started singing 'You Got It Bad'By Usher while Harry stuffed his face with marshmallows and the Austin drank a lot of water.I giggled and Jason looked at me.He raised his eyebrow then I showed him.He laughed before pulling out of the gas station.I decided to make one and I tagged him in it.

"Hey Justin and your gang I just wanted to tel you that you and your friends are a classic.Maybe we could hang out because I guess I live by you?''Well its your choice so yup.Well bye!!!"Before I ended it I played some of his video.

"That was a nice video Mia."Jason said.

"Thanks maybe you could be in one with me."He nodded before stopping in front of a big building.''School?''I asked.He nodded before hopping out and helping me.My phone went off so i looked at to see that my video was seen by JustinBeibersAndFriends.I looked around as we walked in the cafe.''So this is where we eat breakfast and lunch but they don't have good breakfast so eat at home.''I nodded.Just then my eyes glued to someone.

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