Mia was a normal girl who likes a guy but he has no clue.Will he like her back?Will she end up hating him?Find out in this thriller.


7. Moving Out And Going To The Party

I didn't know how to run the group so I had Ed and Al help me."Hey!Zayny!I'm throwing a party you have to come.Oh and bring the pack.Thanks."Perrie Edwards said handing him a card and then kissing him on the cheek. Perrie was part of little mix.Also her and Zayn were dating.As crazy as it seems our parents had no clue about us being wolves.It turned out that the whole pack lived with each other and wanted me to also.So I asked them to head to my house so I could tell my mom I was moving out.Then Leah-Anne wanted to help and say she was the one who I would live with.

"Mum!! I'm moving out!"I screamed walking through the door.

"Oh I knew this day would come but not this soon.Your only 16 and so are all of your friends dear."My mum said looking at me from the bar in our living room that connects to the kitchen.

"Mum if you let me stay with Jaymes then why can't I stay with Leah-Anne?"I asked.

"Oh she sounds like a nice girl."I pulled Leah over so my mum could see her and my mum gasped."Sweetheart she gorgeous!''My mum screamed.Leah blushed and went to talk my mum into it.I was waiting for her to come back when she busted through my door.

"As far as she knows my mom wanted to have you stay with us but you have to visit every other week."She squealed just not loud enough for my mum to here.We packed fast and I ran down told my mum goodbye and we were off to the pack house.When we got there we helped get the party things and went to the party house a few blocks away.When we got there we set up and around 11 people started to show up.I grabbed a bag of blood and put it in a glass so people wouldn't notice it.

"Hey cutie."Orion said walking up to me with some other boys.

"Hey Orion and his friends?"I asked with a smile and wave.

"Oh these are my team mates.We are only missing some others but these are most of them."He said as the boys flashed a smile with their fangs showing from the bottom.I laughed nodded and he called them off.After they left he stayed with me out on the balcony.

"It's gorgeous."I murmured looking at the city below us.

"What you or the city because you are.''He said looking at me.I giggled and kissed him on the cheek.He turned red and returned inside because he had to use the restroom.I also went inside because I got bored of sitting there alone.When I walked inside I ran into someone.

"Watch it twerp.''She hissed.

"Me?Oh please don't go there.I will mess you up princess."I said to the captain of the cheer team.

"Please."She said.I slapped her with my claws and left a big mark that just looked like nails.She tried but I dodged and tripped her so she fell into the punch on the table.She was covered in punch so everyone was laughing.I just wiped my nails and walked off. Every once and a while someone would come tell me how funny and great that was or how rude I am for doing that to Viola.I danced and talked and ate before the party was over.It didn't end till 2 in the morning.After that we all went back to the pack house and went to sleep.

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