Mia was a normal girl who likes a guy but he has no clue.Will he like her back?Will she end up hating him?Find out in this thriller.


10. Meeting My Idols And Moving

When I walked in Niall Horan was standing there with Harry Styles,my two biggest idols.I was getting a call so I stepped out again to answer it."Hello?"

"Um Jaydin,I don't think we should be together.Saw the picture of you and Jaymes kissing in the basement.I thought that you just went to take some boxes but I guess I was wrong.Maybe if you prove you can't cheat with your ex I will take you back.Remember I said maybe.So I guess this is goodbye."Jason said.I was in tears and I was going to say something but before I could he hung up.I turned around and walked into Starbucks after I stopped crying and wiped the make up on my cheeks.

"Hello may I help you?"The lady behind the counter said.

"Yes,may I have the double mint Christmas latte?I asked.She nodded and gave me my number.I went and sat at the table behind Niall and Harry.I was being me and listening to them talk.

"Niall,did you that girl who went out side and came in crying a minute later?She sat behind you and I think Im going to pay for her Latte.Maybe get a chance to talk to her.I think I like her more then Kendall."He cooed.He stopped a few times telling me Niall was nodding or something of that sort.Niall said something I didn't quite catch but I looked at my phone as I heard shifting behind me.I still had a few tears running down my face.Less than a minute later Harry was tapping my shoulder."Um love? I couldnt help but notice your beautiful face walk in crying a second after you walked out.Might I ask why was that?"He said.

"My boyfriend dumped me because took a fraud picture of me and my ex and said I cheated.I most likely have to move out and I have no where to go.Of course my friends would let me stay but that would mean I would still live in the same house.Plus their gone most of the time."I said looking up at the bright green eyed guy sitting in front of me.He nodded and my number got called.I stood up waiting for him to stay but he didnt and got up before running to the counter.I ran up behind him but he had already paid."You didn't have to do that you know.I have my money with me."I stated.

"I know but I did so here is your latte and My number.But I think I should get yours just in case.Also call me when you are ready,I'll be by to help you get it in the bus.OK?"He asked/said.I giggled and nodded handing him my phone.and typing my number into his.I texted him and called Leah and the rest telling them I was moving out and that I was coming to get my things.Taylor cheered and Jason laughed.I thanked Harry again and gave him a kiss on the cheek before walking outside and down the road to my old house.When I walked in I saw Taylor and Jason sucking each others faces.I just shook my head and went upstairs to pack my things.When I got there I found my girls with tears brimming their eyes.But Leah,now Leah was in tears and sitting with my t-shirt.The one from when we met.I ran over to her and gave her the biggest hug in the worldest of worlds.

"Leah trust me.I will still come see you.Just call me.Maybe the bands could travel together sometimes.I promise I will still be your BlueJay.Forever and always girl.I promise."I said into her hair.She nodded when I pulled away.I gave the others hugs in my normal routine.First Leah,then Perrie,then Jaide,then Jesy.I was sure going to miss them but they could always call me and they knew that.I wrote mine and Harry's numbers on their hands before giving them one last hug.And thats when I knew I had a new start.



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