Mia was a normal girl who likes a guy but he has no clue.Will he like her back?Will she end up hating him?Find out in this thriller.


4. Jason and Starbucks

''I love you like a love song baby,I I love you like a love so-"My phone went off.It was Jason and he told me he would be over soon.After I got ready I walked down to the kitchen where my mum was sitting with a handsome guy.''Ello mum and?"I asked.He stood up and fixed his jacket as fast as you can say ello.

''Hi um I'm Jason."He said rubbing his neck.

"I'm Mia well I know you know but well yeah anyways hi."I said nervously looking at the hot guy in front of me.He grabbed my hand and kissed it.''Well we must be off."I said hugging my mum.She nodded as I grabbed Jason's hand and ran to the door.Good thing we got out of there before my mum made him stay and take us shopping.

He chuckled,"What was that about?"I explained and we went to Starbucks and we ordered."Well I would like the chocolate frappe and the lady would like?"Jason said looking at me

"Oh um the same thing please."The cashier nodded and we went and found a table.He made some jokes and talked about his life before asking about mine.We had already gotten our drinks so my hands stiffened around the cup when he asked."Its a long story so we might be here for a while..."He nodded before I continued,"Well my mum was in collage and I lived with my papa well that's what I would call him,one day she came in with another guys and he was taking her clothes of.My dad covered my eyes and took me his bed room where they came.My dad hit my mum on the head with a pillow making her fall back to where I was and then my dad violently beat the man and my dad was taken to jail.He is getting out this year and he has my number but my mum doesn't know and she cant.She wont let him see me cause shes scared he would do the same to me.Me and my mum lived in the same house but different men came in and out because my mum didn't like any of them as much as my dad."I said waiting for him to say that my dad should be in jail but he didn't. Instead he came over and hugged me.It wasn't till now that I noticed I was crying.I missed my dad and he could tell.

''I hope he comes down here so you can see him,you can tell you love him.''He said.

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