Mia was a normal girl who likes a guy but he has no clue.Will he like her back?Will she end up hating him?Find out in this thriller.


8. He Thinks I Made Him?

'It had been 2 years since I moved in and good and bad things happened.Well one bad thing happened and that is that my mum died in a car accident.She was driving home from me and Jason's house when a crazy driver hit her.She died after that in the hospital.I cried and no one could get me to stop.Its been a year and it doesn't hurt as much any more.Well me and the group still live together but we all have little apartment that we share but some of them have their own.Me and Jason are dating and well I've never been happier.Jaymes came up and visited us well he moved up here with his boyfriend.Yup that's why he wanted to break up and i am really happy because they show uncontrollable love for each other.To be honest I like that hes gay because he is sweeter then ever.His boyfriend Raul was mean looking but really a big softy.Me and Leah are so so so so so happy with our lives and she is my bflad (BestfriendForLifeAndDeath)!Thats the update for today.' I wrote in my diary.Jason was in the kitchen with our new friends Calum,Luke,Ashton,and Micheal.They are really really cool and nice to us all.Then I heard a knock on my room door.Yes when i want me time I come to my room not our room."Hello love you in here!"Leah yelled through the door.

"Come in!"I yelled back and ran to give her a hug.Little Mix just like five minutes ago got back from tour.Then the other girls came in and we sat and talked.It had been like 30 minutes before my Jason came and scooped me up.He carried me to our room and dropped me on the bed."J babe what are ya doin."I said laughing.He held up his fingers and then told me to shut my eyes.He turned off the light and left.I just waited for him but he didn't come back.I got worried and ran down stairs to find Jason pushed up against the wall by?Raul.I was going to stop him but he spoke and I had to listen.

"I don't care that him and that ugly person are best friends I will take him home with me and only me.She deserves this because he cried till I promised we could come see her.Look at us now.She made us stay so Jaymes would get hurt.And you can't din-"I cut him off.

"I told him to stay so we could get to know each other and my boyfriend doesn't need to be tortured so back off."I told him throwing him into the other wall.I didn't know my own strength but I loved Jason.

"He has a point.You made me stay and you made Calum and the boys stay.You also made Jason stay.He needs better.A real girl.You should leave."Taylor Swift said pointing to the door.I looked at the boys who came to find out was going on and they were shocked.It looked as if they agreed kind of.I looked at my old best friend.She was now a monster.Then I looked at everyone else and they looked as if they agreed.

"Is that what you all want?Really I thought you were going to stay with you word and never leave me.But i was wrong?"I said and asked.Jason was going to say something but I ran to my room as tears poured down my cheeks.Leah was in there and didn't know what happened.I told her and she held me close.The other LM girls were in there and I was going to stay with them.But we were going to act like I was fully leaving.They helped me pack and threw my things out the door and acted evil.I looked at everyone they were all in tears except for Taylor who was smirking.But I noticed that Jason was also packed.

"I'm leaving if you leave."He said and the others agreed except for Taylor who stormed out mad.Everyone was hugging me and things like that when Jason kissed Taylor.I looked him in the eyes and started to cry.

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