Mia was a normal girl who likes a guy but he has no clue.Will he like her back?Will she end up hating him?Find out in this thriller.


6. Classes and finding out

When he turned around I ran up and gave him a hug."I've missed you Mi!"He said spinning me.I giggled.

"Al I have missed you so much it is not even funny."I said as he put me down.

"I see you know Jason?"He asked and I nodded.We talked and he gave me his number.While him and Jason talked I thought of the old times.

                                                                       *Our Story*

"STOP IT AL!"I screamed as Alex tickled me.He shook his head and continued.I was 7 and he was 8.He was always making sure no one bullied me or anything like that.But when he was 13 he told me he was moving but he wouldn't tell me to where because he didn't know yet.When he left I took his spot as a popular.Then I started doing something I never did when Al was around,I became a bully.I didn't like it at first but it felt better the more I did it.This was the first time I have seen him in 3 years.

                                                                        *The End*

After that we had to get to class.It turned out I didn't have a class with either of them.I went to my first class which was math and sat down.''Hello.May I sit here?"A cute jock asked.You could tell he was a jock because he was built and had a jersey.On the back read 'Styles 24'.I remember Harry from the video say that but this guy had more tattoos and he looked older.I nodded."Trust me I don't act how I look like I would act.I'm Styles,Edward Styles."He said looking at me.

"Mia,Mia Weller.''I said shaking his hand.He smiled and everyone piled through the door.Someone who looked just Edward came in late.

"Harold Styles why are you late?"Mrs.Atom asked.

"He is going to come talk to you because your cute and new.Oh and call me Ed."Edward told me.

"It's Harry and I got here late I am sorry."He said.She nodded and he came and sat on the other side of me.''Hello love,I'm Harry.''He whispered in my ear.

"I know.''I answered shaking his hand."I'm Mia."He nodded and we got back to work.I had all my classes with at least one of them and my free hour with both of them.Free hour was after math so it was next.Me and Edward walked together and Harry got stuck in class for the time he missed."So he is your brother?Is he the only one?"I asked Ed.He shook his head.

"I have three brothers and two sisters.One older sister and the rest of my siblings are the same age as us."He said as we walked to the gym.I nodded as someone grabbed my waist and pulled me close.

"Hello cutie."Someone said.

"Orion get off her."Ed said.Then the arms of 'Orion' came off my waist.I turned around to see a guy with loose curls.He was Ed's friend as far as I know.He talked to Ed and I snuck off.I bumped into someone and dropped my books before falling down.

"Watch it punk!"The guy said hitting me in the stomach with the side of his boots. 

"Don't speak to a girl like that or don't kick her!"Al yelled at him.He picked up my books and gave them to me.

"What happened?"He asked.I started tearing up so I shook my head and ran to the bathroom.I was cry in the corner when a girl who looked like Ed and one who looked like Orion ran in.

"Are you ok?He kicked you really hard?"the Ed one said.I shook my head as more tears ran down my makeup covered face.They dropped and comforted me the best they could.It made me feel good that someone cared.I knew the boys did but they couldn't come in here.After I stopped crying they let me use their make up and we went to class.

"Why are you late!"Mr. hawl growled.

"My mum stopped by to give me something."I said sitting down next to Harry.I was only a minute late anyways.

"Oh little bad girl are we now?"Harry smirked.I rolled my eyes and got back to class.When I walked out I was wrapped into a big hug.

"I'm sorry you got kicked by Avery."Edward said.I looked at him confused.''Avery is the school jock.He is my friend and I told him who you were so now you and your friends are in the group."He said.I squealed and hugged him.

"Who is all in the group?"I asked.

''Me,Avery,Ori,Orion,Emma,Gemma,Harry,Marcel,Georgia,Niall,Jason,Zayn,Louis,Kyle,Liam,Justin,Austin,Alex,and well a full band.They are called little mix and you most likely to get along with them.Leigh-Anne with like you the most though."He said l nodded and kissed him on the cheek.We walked to lunch and I got to sit with the populars.I sat next to Al Jason and Ed.Then Ed moved over and someone took his spot.I turned around to see who it was to find Justin Beiber.He was looking right at me.

"Aren't you the girl who made that video this morning?"He asked.I nodded.He pulled out his phone and got to the camera.''Yo,yo,yo It's Justin.So only the people who watched that video that the most amazing girl made will know who this is,''He said pointing his camera at me.I waved."She said she would like to make a video with me.So I'm making a welcome video.Everyone to make me happy check out her channel.Its MiaWeller'sDreamTeam.Like her videos,fan her,comment,and everything else.It would make me so happy.Well thats it for now.See ya later my Beibers."He said ending his video.I giggled and clapped.

"Very nice.''I said."And thanks,thanks for welcoming me and telling them who I am."He was blushing and trying to hide it.I giggled and put my hand on his lap.He looked up at me."Your cute when you blush.If you can say that here."I whispered in his ear.He chuckled when I said that then he thanked me.Then Niall who I didn't even know was sitting by me hit my milk on accident.It fell on the floor and everyone started laughing as a nerd fell in it.Everyone but me and Alex were laughing.Instead we both helped him up.Alex shot them a look and they all stopped laughing.Their eyes all changed in a second but then went back to normal.It looked like wolf eyes but I knew that I was going crazy to think that.I was the only wolf or supernatural thing i knew of.Alex knew that I was a wolf and he claimed not to be but what I just saw I swore he and the rest were also.I pulled Al over and did it."They are,you all are wolves.Aren't you?"I asked.

He sighed."I didn't tell you because I was scared."He said."And yes."

"Scared of what?Alex I told you.I thought we could trust each other.I told you all of my secrets.I went and hunted for food alone knowing I could be killed by the wilds.What could possibly make you scared enough to tell me?"I said tears threatening to fall.

"I was scared to lose you because you were my life.Not as a girlfriend but as my little sister.I couldn't tell you in the fear of losing your friendship."He said looking deep in my eyes.But his weren't normal.They were wolfy.I nodded and we returned.I told everyone to meet me at Edwards car after school.The last classes flew and we met out back in the parking lot.

"Guys,I know,I know your wolves,I saw at lunch."Everyone looked worried like I would tell.

''Thats why we formed this group.People think we are strong and can hurt them but we do it with our eyes.Thats how Ave hurt you."Ed said."I'm sorry but now since you found out and aren't like us you can't be in the group and if you tell you will be killed."

"I am a wolf.see."I said growing my nails and making my eyes change without letting it take over or let anyone see.Only a pro wolf could do that.Now I'm the only one whos a pro again.At my school I helped this kid control his power and he told the whole school so he became a legend.I was my old self which I didn't like.Since I was a pro I became leader of the group.

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