Mia was a normal girl who likes a guy but he has no clue.Will he like her back?Will she end up hating him?Find out in this thriller.


3. Canada

"We will be landing in 30 minutes."The man in the overhead said as I looked out into the new place.'It's big,to big.'I thought.After we got off the plane my mum ran to a man but I had no clue who he was.

"This is my only daughter Mia."My mum told him as I walked up to her.He nodded and grabbed our luggage while we waited in the car.

"Explain."I told my mum.

''That is Ryan and he is my friend from collage because this is the collage I went to."She said and all I could do is nod.I put in my head phones as he drove to a big white house.He got out of the car and opened my mums.They said there goodbyes even though he only lived next door while I looked at the house.It had 5 bedrooms,3 bathrooms,a living room,2 kitchens,a music room,art room,a movie room,a T.V. room,and pool that is inside and one outside with 3 hot tubs.

"Mum I love it!"I told her.It was a 3 day flight but our stuff got there before us and they set it all up.I forgot to say that my mum is rich.She is a director,singer,and an artist.She laughed and walked up the stairs to her room and I walked to mine.Not only was my stuff there but some new stuff also.I found a note and it read 'Hey! I'm Ryan your moms friend,well me and my son bought you some new stuff plus school starts tomorrow for you.You have all the classes with my son,Jason,he will introduce you to some people and help you get through this year.He will give you advice and all that.You seem like a nice girl but your mom says your quiet around new people so I completely understand if you don't talk to me at first but you will I hope.Hope you like your stuff and look on the back for my son's note.'. I flipped it around to see more nice hand writing but not the same as before.This one read 'Hey my father made me write this note but I don't care because your a pretty girl.So I need you up by six so we can hang out if thats alright.I will leave my number so you can let me know if you will get up that early also I will let you meet all of my friends and their girlfriends so you will have friends.Also my name is Jason,Jason Derulo and you are Mia,Mia Weller.Hope to hang out.-JD'.Then it had his number.I texted him and told him I would love to.We got to know a bit about eachother before I had dinner,took a shower,and went to bed.

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