17 Again

I'm sure most of us have heard of the movie 17 Again, correct?
Zac Efron, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens... Sung a lot, bring back memories?
Anyways, this is 17 Again One Direction Style


2. Who Needs Cheerleaders Anyway?

Sitting in my car at the car park of the high school I once went to made my regrets about life run sky high.

This is the high school my kids go to, I've been back plenty of times to simply pick them up but never have I been inside the actual school. Not since I left anyways.

I jumped as my phone sounded, signally a series of four messages incoming. One from Harry, one from Liam and two from her.

From: Haz

Mate, come inside, the place looks sick as!

From: Payno

Hey Lou, place looks really good. Your kids are waiting for you as well x

From: Her

Where the hell are you?! Luke and Jess are waiting for you. Why do you always have to take your friggin time? Be on time for once for godsake.

From: Her

For godsake Louis get your ass inside right this second or I will come out there and drag you in by your ears.

I sighed but climbed out of the car. Once inside I got greeted by the principal, then continued to the gym where the charity auction is going to be held. The stage was lit brightly with little fairy lights and the rest of the room had balloons and streamers coming down from the ceiling. In the middle was a series of chairs all lined up neatly, creating an aisle down the centre.

My peaceful moment filled with old high school memories was quickly shattered, as always by my name being hissed almost snake like. A claw like hand got wrapped around my wrist almost cutting off the circulation, dragging me into the shadows. I didn't even have to look to know who it was.

"Why the hell are you so damn late?! You had all day to prepare for this because you don't even do anything all day, and as for that best friend of yours well h----"

"Don't you even dare bring him into this. He was there for me all the times you weren't, he is th---"

"He's a bad influence, the reason this marriage failed."

The argument went back an forth for a good few minutes before it was interrupted by the principal announcing the auctions beginning in ten minutes.

Harry was walking over to me cautiously, when she saw this she flipped her hair over her shoulder and sauntered off towards her group of friends all huddled together talking. Cheerleaders. Just as bad now as they were back then.

"Geez you could hear you two from the other side of the gym." Harry explained as he reached me in the corner, I rolled my eyes at him.

A familiar laughed echoed around the room and immediately Harry and I looked at each other. Knowing this laugh all too well.

"OI NIALL GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!" Harry yelled suddenly, the room fell silent and after I mouthed a few sorry's to everyone the noise picked back up again. In a couple seconds a familiar pair of blue eyes met mine, a hug shared between us.

"Tommo, Haz, good t' you see ya again mates." Niall's accent was still as strong as ever. We chit chatted for a while before we were joined by Liam and Dani, Dani was sporting a very small baby bump, once again.

I gestured towards the bump, "third one on the way I see?"

Dani rubbed her stomach and nodded with a mile long smile spread across her face.

"Daddy! Daddy where are you? Daddy?!" A little irish accent was heard a little ways away from us.

"Right here Chip!" Niall bent down and scooped a little blonde haired boy into his arms.


Before we go any further let's explain a bit shall we? Well we're all averaging 35-40 ish, still doing concerts occasionally and interviews often but for the most part we're not working anymore.

Obviously Harry never settled down and you guys know my story, well the main points of it anyways.

Liam and Dani got married years ago and in that time have had two kids, a boy named Damien and a girl named Isabel. No idea what the third one will be though.

Zayn and Perrie got married years ago as well, they've got one child on they way, Perrie is six months along and couldn't make it today because of a doctors appointment and what not.

Niall's story is the most tragic one. He eventually found his princess, Brit and him were absolutely perfect for each other. They got married after a few years of knowing each other and when she got pregnant we were all overjoyed for them both. She tragically passed away when she was in a car crash 5 years ago, leaving Niall with and their son, Chip alone. He was utterly crushed but him and Chip are joined at the hip, cutest little boy ever. He looks so much like Niall, blonde hair, blue eyes like the ocean, only he has a more tan skin which he inherited from Brit.

Shall we commence with the story now?


Chip nuzzled his head into Niall's neck and mumbled a few illegible words.

A shrill voice rang in my ear after my few moments of peace, "Louis, Luke and Jess are waiting for you."

I said my goodbyes to the boys and wandered over to my kids on the other side of the hall.

"Luke mate you've grown!" I exclaimed as I neared him.

"Thanks." He said rolling his eyes, I turned to Jess and tried my luck there instead.

"Jess, you're looking beautiful as usual." She rolled her eyes at me as well, how polite of them.

They seem to show no interest towards me now that their nearing adulthood, they don't have the time of day for me anymore.

"Attention ladies and gentlemen the auction will commence in five minutes, if you could please take your seats that would be much appreciated, thank you."

Luke nodded in my direction before wandering off to his friends and taking a seat. Jess flipped her hair, much like her mother does and strode off to her cheerleader friends. Ugh of all things she has to be a cheerleader.

I wandered back to where the boys and I were standing around before and we all headed to sit in the back rows.

This is going to be a ball.

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