17 Again

I'm sure most of us have heard of the movie 17 Again, correct?
Zac Efron, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens... Sung a lot, bring back memories?
Anyways, this is 17 Again One Direction Style


3. Memories

“That was the final item for this evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you all for attending please feel free to stay and have some complimentary food and drinks.” The principal concluded and walked off stage. The boys and I stood up and wandered to the food table, after two hours of sitting food was possibly the best thing up for offer at the moment. “Uncle Louis, pick up?” Chip tapped me on the knee and held out his arms for me to pick him up. “Sure kiddo, looks like it will be a late bedtime for you tonight ey?” “It’s okay, Daddy was really excited to come tonight so I don’t want to make him go home because I am tired.” He smiled wide at me. Chip was the most grown up 6 year I have ever met, he inherited it from Brit, she was always so selfless no matter what it came to. I bounced Chip back and forth on my hip for a while as he stuffed his mouth full of food and told me all about his day care he went to. “Hey Chip why don’t you go tell Uncle Harry how silly his hair looks today while I go for a walk.” Chip nodded vigorously and ran to Harry the second I put him down, they always had little play fights about Harry’s messy hair, it was so funny to watch. I told the boys I was going for a walk and headed out of the gym and down the hall way. So many memories were made here, to the left was my old locker where the boys and I hung out between and often during classes checking out the girls that walked past. Across the hall was her locker and despite the fact she was the devil in disguise she had the most rocking ass ever, her locker being across the hall was perfect for us boys. Down the hall was the trophies case and as I neared I saw my old basketball trophy, the photo was somewhat faded but showed me at the front of the team with the boys surrounding me. Harry was the geeky kid on the team, oh how times have changed. But at the time no girl wanted anything to do with him and he had copped a lot of shit from the guys, as hard as I tried to protect him he still copped it. At the time he had large glasses and the beginnings of an afro, he was also big into singing and obviously at our school that was looked down upon. Payed off though. Next to that was the prom king and queen crowns and the photo of me and her when we won it as long as all the other more recent photos. The cockiest smile possible was on my face and the bitchiest of all smiles on hers. I rolled my eyes at the photo, I thought I was the absolute shit back then, I had the girl, the gang and the entire school worshipping me. Granted I have the fans and they boys now but it’s not the same as high school. “Haven’t times changed Mr. Tomlinson?” I turned around to see a janitor mopping the floor, he was old with grey hair and a beard. Never have I seen him before in my life. “Um… Yeah they have.” I cautiously replied. “Do you wish you could change it?” “Yeah I suppose sometimes I do,” I turned around to look at the trophies case again, “well some things anyways.” “Careful what you wish for Mr. Tomlinson.” “Sorry, who-“ I was about to ask but he was gone. Where the hell did he go? “Oh Lou who are you talking to?” Harry asked while walking to me. “Nothing mate just reminiscing about the good old days.” He shuddered. Obviously they weren’t as great for him as they were for me. “Come back to the gym mate everyone is about to leave.” I wandered back to the gym with Haz, what did that old man mean? Was he just a figment of my imagination? He couldn’t have been I saw him. “You know talking to yourself is the first sign on insanity?” Harry smirked at me. I shook my head not realising the fact I was talking out loud, I have to stop doing that. “Yes yes you do Lou.” Harry laughed at my idiocy once again. ***************** “Bye Chip stay out of trouble yeah?” I squatted down to his level as he wrapped his little arms around my neck and gave a tight squeeze. “I will, pwomise. And Uncle Louis?” He released me from his arms to look me in the eye. “Yeah bud?” “Smile more, Daddy always says how much he misses your smile.” Chip grinned the biggest he possible could, he inherited that huge, contagious grin from Niall. A smile crept onto my face and I nodded back at him. Niall scooped him up and put him in the car before turning to give me a hug and say goodbye. Liam and Dani proceeded to come and say goodbye before heading off themselves. I wandered over to Harry and told him I would be home soon, needed to go for a bit of a drive to clear my head. He nodded and gave me a quick hug before getting in his own car and heading home. “Dad.” From behind me I heard Luke simply say. “We are leaving now. Bye” I didn’t bother offering a hug knowing that I would only be rejected instead I just told him I would see him soon. ****************** The rain pelted down on my car heavily as I drove along a bridge far from home. The tragic love songs circling the radio were deafening to listen to. I pulled over to the edge of the road and got out, walking to the side of the bridge. I leant my elbows on the concrete edge and let the rain pour down on me not caring how soaked I got. “Why do I fuck everything up?” I screamed to the abyss. With a sudden burst of anger I began punching the concrete with quite some force, enough to make my knuckles ache and graze. Hot, angry tears rolled down my cheeks. This is shit. Everything I touch turns to shit. I’ve made so many mistakes, starting with the choices I made in high school. I wish I could change it. Careful what you wish for Mr. Tomlinson. Those words ran through my head and I spun expecting for some reason someone to be there. Of course no one was. Careful what you wish for Mr. Tomlinson. I walked along the bridge, coming to the end of it. I stood on the edge of the river bank and massaged my temples, a splitting headache was forming. Careful what you wish for Mr. Tomlinson. I spun once again to walk back to the car only this time I lost my footing on the slippery mud and fell down landing in the river. Careful what you wish for Mr. Tomlinson. That was the last thing I heard before I blacked out.
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