Kidnaped by One Direction

So today isn't Savannah's lucky day. Her cousin ditched her at Starbucks. She decided to do some shopping at the mall. Well, she got lost and left the mall, but this guy started following her. Savannah ran into an alley, but it was a dead end. She was scared. Hopefully these guys were not going to take her out of the state. But maybe something will turn out good...


1. Going to the mall




Chapter 1: Going to the mall

Savannah was walking down the street to Starbucks. Savannah is 17 and lives in Los Angeles. She is just an ordinary girl. She had seen a few celebrities around, but never said hi to them or got a picture. But the five celebrities she wants to see is one direction. Today Savannah was waiting for her cousin to meet her at Starbucks. Savannah already ordered a cotton candy frappe. After an hour and a half she knew Allison (her cousin) wasn't coming. She decided to go shopping at the mall.


But today the mall was really busy. She bought a few things but then she got lost and turned around but she ran into some guy. She kept walking but that guy starting following her. When she was out of the mall Savannah started walking down an alley to get away from him, but it was no use.


The alley was a dead end. Then that guy turned into five guys, and they didn't look nice. Three of them came closer and one grabbed my legs, one grabbed my arms, and the other one took my shopping bags and purse. The other two guys went and pulled up in a black van. The two guys tied my arms and legs and threw me in the back of the van. One guy with a cute Irish accent said, " Hand me the cloth Lou." I knew what the cloth was, and since I was on a competitive swim team I could hold my breath for about four minuets and hopefully more right now.


 That guy with the cute Irish accent said, "WOW! She has been holding her breath for like six minuets now!" "Shut up Ni." said a guy with a deep raspy voice, it was hot. I heard one guy wistper to another guy, "Say something to her Louis." So I'm guessing the guy that was about to talk was Louis. "Love just breath, it will be over soon and everything will be fine. Okay?" I nodded, then took a deep breath. Everything went black...

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