Scott Riddle's Secret

I am assuming that you have all read about Harry Potter. He was the famous wizard who defeated Voldemort. The Harry Potter series were written to explain about Harry, and they are almost perfect. J.K. Rowling wrote that Voldemort never loved. But maybe he did. Read about the story of Scott Riddle, a.k.a. Voldemort's son.


25. (Part 5) Memories

Scott and Johnny started fighting as soon as they got there. Scott killed many Death Eaters with Johnny. But he wanted to find out about Harry. 

He left Johnny to fight and set off to look for Harry. Finally, he found him in Dumbledore's office. Or the headmaster's office. 

Harry went inside some kind of pensieve or something. Scott wanted to find Dumbledore's portrait. When he did, Dumbledore started talking. 

"Scott, the bottle on my desk. Pour it." 

Scott thought that it was meant to lead him to Harry. But he was wrong. When he was inside the pensieve, he realized he was inside a memory. 

He was at Hogwarts. Once more. A beautiful girl and a handsome boy was sitting under a tree. The boy was recognizable. Tom Riddle. The girl was his mother. He knew it. 

This is what they said:

Tom Riddle: I love you, Rachel. More than anything. 

Mum:Thanks, Tom. That really means a lot to me. 

Tom Riddle: Um.. Would you mind going to Albania with me? 

Mum:Not at all! I would be delighted to, Tom! Is it during the Easter Breaks? 

Tom Riddle: Yes! It would be perfect!

Mum: I can't wait, Tom!

The only word Scott could think of was betrayal. Tom Riddle had totally betrayed his mother. She had trusted him. But he had killed her. 

The scene changed. But now, it Rachel was pregnant. 

Mum: Tom! You have to believe it! Can't you see?

Tom Riddle: Rachel, I just can't believe the fact. 

Mum: But it's true. And it's your child, too! 

Tom Riddle: Whatever. I'm not in this. It's your fault.

Wow. That was mean. Betrayal. A couple of months ago, he had said that he loved his mother. Now, he was totally turning his back against her. 

Then the scene changed. Now, there was a scene of Malfoy Manor. But inside one of the rooms, Voldemort was there. And Rachel. 

Mum: Please, Tom. Think about the baby. He's only two. 

Voldemort: I am the Dark Lord now. I don't like that name.

Mum: But you are always my Tom Riddle. I can't change it. 

Voldemort: What about the boy? Kill him? 

Mum: I know you are going to kill me soon, but don't kill him. He can help you.... You can do whatever you want with him. But don't kill him. Keep him safe. And don't kill me until he's off to Hogwarts. When he's old enough... Please Tom... 

Voldemort: Not going to happen. 

So his mother had pleaded Voldemort to not kill him. Now Scott didn't feel so good about himself. All those years he had thought that he had escaped from Voldemort, the great wizard. 

But perhaps it was Voldemort's last respect to his mother. The girl that he once loved. 

Scott stared at Voldemort. He hadn't changed much. His face was still handsome. He touched his own face. Yes. Voldemort was his father. Scott was his son. Maybe he hated his mother towards the end, but maybe Voldemort couldn't kill him. Because it was too hard to kill his own son. 

Now Scott was confused. He had to kill his father, but didn't want to somehow. He shook his head wildly. That was wrong. Voldemort had just made a mistake. Voldemort didn't do love. 

Scott was back out of the penseive. Dumbledore nodded. 

"Yes, Scott... You get some things now." 

Even though it was only Dumbledore's portrait, Scott still felt the words clearly. He was meant to kill Voldemort. 

Then Harry came out, too. He looked sad and depressed. Scott held him tight. 

"What's the matter Harry?" 

Harry murmured, "I'm meant to die. I'm a horcux." 

Scott let go of astonishment hearing those words. Now he knew what Harry and his friends had been doing. Hunting for Voldemort's horcuxes. And Harry was one of them... 

Scott ran after Harry, 

"That can't be true! I mean, you are meant to kill Voldemort." 

Harry looked teary. 

"I guess it was meant to happen. Bye, Scott. I'll miss you." 

Scott stood there. Surprised. Sad. Worried. What would happen? 

The next thing he knew was that Voldemort was saying that Harry was dead. Scott stared at Harry. He wasn't dead. Harry was strong. He was like James. He was alive. He was faking. He had a plan. 

As Scott thought, Harry was alive. The battle begun once more. 

This time, Scott went out looking for Voldemort. He was going to kill him. He finally did, after a couple of minutes. Voldemort laughed. 

"Here's the little child. Ready to die?!"

Scott said, "You betrayed her. You betrayed my mother." 

"It was all her fault. Not any of mine. You're the reason!" 

Scott protested. 

"No it's not! It's your fault!If you never left her, or if you only let her live, these problems won't be happening." 

Voldemort said, "Nothing's my fault! I am perfect!" 

Scott said, "Then Tom, let's see who wins." 

Voldemort's eye flashed as he heard the word Tom. Scott stood firm. 

"I have a child and a wife. I live happily. You could have done that. But you chose to kill people. Murder people. For fun. It's silly! Not cool, but foolish and silly! Stop it! It disgusts me. You disgust me. You disgust everyone."

Voldemort said, "Everyone respects me. Everyone praises me. Everyone admires me!" 

Scott said, "No one does! You don't earn it! My son, who's six, has greater knowledge than you!"

Voldemort said, "I'm going to have to end it now." 

He put his hand in his pocket. 

Scott blurted out loud, 

"Dad! Why can't you be like the other dads? You ruined my childhood. I would have been fine without you, but you killed Mum! I want to love you, but I can't! You don't do things that I like." 

Voldemort shouted, "Avada kedavra!" 

But Scott had already dodged and walked away. 

*After Harry kills Voldemort.*

Scott was sitting with Johnny. They had won the battle. Harry had killed Voldemort. Scott was staring into the fire. He thought about Voldemort. He had never been loved. He had heard about his father when he was at Hogwarts from Dumbledore. 

Maybe the reason Voldemort turned out that way was because his own mother had betrayed him. Maybe he couldn't love because he never got loved. There were those things. 

Scott told Johnny, 

"I want to go home. Natalie and little Connor are waiting for me. They're my treasures..." 

Johnny smiled. 

"My treasures are waiting for me at your house, too. Let's go." 

The apparated out of Hogwarts, and to Scott's house. They told Natalie and Maddie about the news. They looked thrilled. Max and Connor, too, were thrilled because there were no more dementors around. 

Scott picked up Connor and walked outside. He told him about the battle. Connor laughed. 

"It must have been fun!" 

Scott shook his head. He'll understand when he's older. 

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