Scott Riddle's Secret

I am assuming that you have all read about Harry Potter. He was the famous wizard who defeated Voldemort. The Harry Potter series were written to explain about Harry, and they are almost perfect. J.K. Rowling wrote that Voldemort never loved. But maybe he did. Read about the story of Scott Riddle, a.k.a. Voldemort's son.


12. (Part 3) The Winners

By the next day, everyone who wanted to enter the contest had put their names inside the box that Dumbledore had told them to put their forms in. 

Scott knew that it would be impossible to find out who had won until that afternoon. 

Maddie had gone to see her brother because he had fallen off a broomstick, and Johnny had to do his homework that he didn't do. 

Scott was bored. He had never been bored so much. 

He wrote some stories, drew some things, and finally, he ended up reading a book called  Amazing and Fascinating Plants. It was so boring. Scott never thought that he would read anything more boring than that book in his whole entire life. 

Before he realized, he fell asleep. 

After a while, he felt a gentle pat on his shoulder. He woke up immediately. 

When he sprung up from the desk, he saw Scarlett, giggling. 

Scarlett said, "Is this book that boring? I'm pretty sure it is... You were really sleeping!" 

Scott's face blushed. 

He said, "You want to try reading it?" 

Scarlett said, "I don't like nonfiction. It makes me go to sleep. I like adventure books and fantasy books. I like muggle books, too. They actually are pretty good. Some authors go way to far about magic! Some say that witches are evil!" 

Scott Smiled. 

"Muggles don't know anything, that's why." 

Scarlett said, "Most of the muggles don't know. Some do, because, their child might be a muggle-born or something..." 

Scott said, "Yeah..." 

They were quiet for a moment. They all just stared out the window. Scott's heart pounded. Scarlett was just so pretty. 

Scarlett finally said, "Did you make a form and put it in the box?" 

Scott said, "Yes. Most of my friends did... Why?" 

Scarlett said, "Just asking..." 

Scarlett turned her head so that she was directly facing Scott. Scott's heart pounded more and more and he felt nervous. What was she about to do? Not the kiss, he thought. But he kind of wanted her to do it. But he was only thirteen. They were too young...

Scarlett said, "I really want you to get picked..." 

Scott asked, "Why?" 

Scott thought for a second that Scarlett was going to kiss him. But unlike his dreams, Scarlett didn't. But what Scarlett said had made him so happy. 

Scarlett said, "Because I really like you..." 

Scott smiled. His face blushed more than it ever did. He felt himself saying words that he didn't think of. 

"I really like you too, Scarlett.... I can't explain how much... I just do..." 

Scarlett smiled, too, looking relived. 

She said, "I need to go to class. Bye! See you!" 

Scott watched as Scarlett walked off, her hair bouncing, and smiling. 


When Johnny and Maddie finally came back, Scott didn't tell them about what happened between him and Scarlett. They just walked over to the Great Hall, to listen to the winners. 

Maddie complained about how annoying her brother, Max was. Johnny complained about how Professor McGongall gave them too much homework. Scott just stayed silent. He was afraid that he might let something slip. 

Johnny asked to Scott, 

"Hey buddy, are you sure you're okay? You haven't talked for a while now." 

Scott said, kind of nervous, 

"I-I- don't hav-ve an-n-ything to talk about! I didn't do anything but read a book about plants!" 

Johnny and Maddie stared suspiciously at Scott, but didn't say anything. 

They sat down at the Great Hall together. 

Dumbledore cleared his throat to grab attention. 

He said, 

"I shall announce the chosen ones now!"

He got a scroll of parchment from a young man. 

He said, "The Hufflepuff 13 year old chosen one is Patrick Regile!" 

A young boy ran to Dumbledore from the Hufflepuff table. 

Dumbledore continued, 

"The Ravenclaw 13 year old chosen one is Alexandra Mikipa!" 

A girl with dark hair ran to Dumbledore. 

Dumbledore continued, calming down Alexandra Mikipa. 

"The Slytherin 13 year old chosen one is Rocky Quintis!" 

Johnny and Scott cracked their knuckles. Rocky Quintis was a Slytherin boy that they both hated. All of the Gryffindors hated him. 

Finally, it was the Gryffindor chosen one turn. 

Dumbledore sighed and continued. 

"The Gryffindor 13 year old chosen one is-"

Scott gulped. He saw how nervous Johnny and Maddie were, too. 

"Scott Wilson!"

Scott couldn't believe it. He was it. It was the second miracle. Was it from his mother's help? Scott wasn't sure. He ran to Dumbledore. 

Dumbledore whispered to him, "Nice job, Scott. Keep it up..." 

The fourteen year old Gryffindor chosen one was Michael Travis, the Slytherin one was Larry Carb, the Hufflepuff one was Nicholas Mitchell, and the Ravenclaw one was Kyla Picolo.

The fifteen year old Gryffindor chosen one was Carla Nilson, the Slytherin one was Barbara Echo, the Hufflepuff one was Yelt Eston, and the Ravenclaw one was Ty Kik. 

The sixteen year old  Gryffindor chosen one was Alexander Richard, the Slytherin one was Victoria Trickster, the Hufflepuff one was Ko Bis, and the Ravenclaw one was Richard Parker. 

The seventeen year old Gryffindor chosen one was LizaJane Arnolds, the Slytherin one was Natashi Rhe, the Hufflepuff one was Tarah Mittenhale, and the Ravenclaw one was Carl Thompson. 

When it was all over, the chosen ones got a roll of parchment. Scott brought one, too. 

He ran over to Johnny and Maddie. 

Johnny said, "Congrats, mate! I knew I wasn't going to make it anyway. I spelled a lot of words wrong." 

Maddie said, "I didn't write my full name." 

They all laughed. 

When they were all in a private place, Scott opened the parchment. 

It said: 

Congratulations, Scott Wilson. 

You are now a chosen one. 

Your first task would take place in the Quidditch Fields. 

This is going to be a test on Flying Lessons. 


Or else, you would be disqualified. 


the Tale of the Bombchesters Contest Committee

Maddie whispered, "So the first task is flying." 

Johnny said, "Obviously." 

Scott felt confident. He was a descent flyer. 

Scott went to the library to get prepared for his first class the next day. 

There, he saw Scarlett. 

She smiled. 

She said, "I know you would make it." 

She hugged her. Scott just hugged her back. 

He thought, 'Is this how it feels to be in love?'

Scarlett let go of him after a while. 

Scott said, "Yup. I made it Scarlett." 

Scarlett said, "I think it's better for me to go. I hear footsteps."

Then, without another word, she zoomed off. 

After a few seconds, Scott saw Johnny coming into view. 

He said, "Scott, are you hiding something? Your ears are red." 

Scott said, "No! Why would I?" 

But he knew that the lie wasn't convincing. 

Johnny said, "I just think you're up to something." 

Scott shook his head. 

"Cut it out. I'm innocent." 

Johnny said, "Okay. If you say so!" 

He turned away to the other direction. 

He said, before walking away, 

"By the way, the first task is next week. McGongall told me to tell you." 

Scott gulped. The first task was next week? He wasn't so sure now that he would do well. But he didn't want to loose when Scarlett was watching. 

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