Scott Riddle's Secret

I am assuming that you have all read about Harry Potter. He was the famous wizard who defeated Voldemort. The Harry Potter series were written to explain about Harry, and they are almost perfect. J.K. Rowling wrote that Voldemort never loved. But maybe he did. Read about the story of Scott Riddle, a.k.a. Voldemort's son.


13. (Part 3) The First Task

Time passed quickly. Soon, it was time for the first quest. But Scott was still nervous. He was afraid that he would fall off his broom when the whole school was watching. That would be very embarrassing. 

But he thought of Scarlett... He just couldn't give up...

He also thought of his mother. His mother wouldn't want him to give up... right?

Maddie and Johnny kept telling him to relax, but he just couldn't. 

When it was finally time for the contest, Scott had to go to the tiny hut near the Quidditch Field. Johnny and Maddie said they'll come with him. 

But then, Julia broke her ankle, so Johnny had to go to the Hospital Wing. 

So Scott was left with Maddie. Somehow, he felt a little uncomfortable. It wasn't the way how it was uncomfortable when he liked a girl. It was the way it was uncomfortable when he didn't know the person well. That didn't make sense though... 

So it was true. He wasn't a friend with Maddie and he couldn't really talk with her comfortably as he used to if Johnny wasn't there... Johnny was like their connector or something. 

But they walked to the tiny hut, anyway. They didn't talk, though... Scott kicked some rocks as he went and Maddie stared at the sky. They just hoped they would reach to the hut soon. 

When they finally arrived, Scott ran into the hut. Maddie finally spoke up. 

"Um... Do well, Scott... I'll go now..." 

Then they heard a flash. 

A young girl ran to them. 

She said, "Hi! I'm Rita Skeeter! I want to take some pictures of you and your girlfriend!"

Albus said, "Go away." 

She said, "MUM!" 

A woman came in. She smiled when she saw Scott.  

She said, "Ignore him, JulieAnn! Take all the pictures you want!" 

Scott said, "Is anyone else in here?" 

The Minister of Magic, Luke Nilson, came in. 

He said, "What's going on here?" 

Scott told the MInister, "Minister, those two women are bothering me." 

The two women ran away. 

He patted Scott on the shoulder. 

He said, "Hope you do well, Scott." 

He smiled. 

The first task was to get the tiny golf ball from the sky. 

It was the youngest student's turn first. 

Scott, Patrick, Alexandra, and Rocky walked into the field with their broomsticks. 

Rocky Quintis seemed like he bought a new broom. 

The first task started. 

Rocky Quintis pushed Alexandra off her broom as soon as the task began. 

She failed. 

But Scott concentrated on finding the ball. 

But it was so misty. It was hard to see anything. 

Rocky Quintis was just trying to push all of the other contestants away to win. 

He was now trying to push Patrick off his broom. But it wasn't working so well as Alexandra. 

It looked like Patrick was winning in a way. 

Rocky Quintis went away from Patrick. 

This time, he came to Scott. 

He came right at Scott. 

Scott dove away as Rocky Quintis almost went into him. 

Scott flew away from Quintis. He simply hated him so much. 

But Scott was going to concentrate on finding the golf ball. He wasn't going to waste his time. 

He saw a little round-shaped object in the clouds. 

He flew to it. Rocky Quintis obviously followed him. 

Scott thought it wasn't fair. He had found it. Rocky Quintis might win if he was lucky. 

Patrick flew towards them, too. He tried to knock Rocky Quintis off his broom, but, he missed. In fact, Patrick almost fell off his broom. Rocky Quintis laughed. 

Scott flew to the ball. Rocky Quintis flew right near him real fast. 

Patrick looked annoyed. He flew to Rocky Quintis again. It was clear that he just wanted to knock Rocky Quintis off his broom. But Scott didn't really want to do it. He just wanted to get the golf ball. 

But it seemed impossible. Every time he thought he was getting close to the golf ball, it looked like he was getting farther. 

Rocky Quintis whispered, "It wouldn't work.... Trust me... I have plans...." 

Scott knew that Quintis didn't want anyone to hear it. He also knew that he was the only one who heard it. Patrick was too far away to hear it. 

What was Rocky Quintis's plans? Was it to knock him off his broom. But wouldn't the Minister of Magic and Dumbledore recognize it? If Rocky Quintis was doing it right under their noses, it meant that it would be hard to blame anyone for it.... 

But Scott got his mind back to the golf ball. He thought that if he found the golf ball and grab it quick before Rocky Quintis could do anything, he would win and be safe. 

He wasn't so sure that that plan would work, but he knew it was his only choice. 

Patrick looked like he had seen the golf ball. But, he ignored it after staring at it after a while. 

Scott stared at the place that Patrick had stared. He saw the golf ball. He immediately flew fast to the golf ball. But then, he felt his broom turn. It kept turning. He was almost there. He could win. But his broom was acting weird. 

He looked at the direction that Rocky Quintis was standing. What was wrong with him? Was he actually doing his plan right now? 

And it was almost impossible to blame. Scott was pretty sure that no one watching in the audience could see his broom move. 

He tried to go forward and catch it. He was almost there. 

Then Patrick suddenly went to Rocky Quintis. It was a quick moment. Rocky Quintis fell off his broom. He started falling down. Then, he hit the ground. 

As the crowd of Slytherins jumped up, Scott's broomstick stopped whirling. Scott reached out to the golf ball. He caught it. 

Everyone else but the Slytherins clapped. Especially the Gryffindors. Scott had won the first task. 

Maddie and Johnny ran to him. Scott high-fived with Johnny and Maddie. It was right that Johnny was the only way that Scott and Maddie felt comfortable with each other. 

After the huge party at Gryffindor Tower, Scott went to the library, hoping to meet Scarlett. 

She was there, waiting for him, at least he thought. Scarlett smiled and waved to him. 

She said, "Hi! Scott! Congrats for winning the first task!"

Scott's face went red. But he managed to speak. 

"Thanks.... I missed you Scarlett." 

He knew it hadn't even been 24 hours since he last saw Scarlett. But Scarlett responded to his stupid comment. 

"I did, too." 

As she said it, Scarlett just kissed him on the cheek. 

Then, without another word, she ran away. 

Scott just stood there, staring at the path Scarlett had just ran to. Was it a dream? Scarlett actually liked him. She kissed him. It was only on his cheek, but, it meant a lot to him. 

He smiled. He loved Scarlett Loughson. 

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