Scott Riddle's Secret

I am assuming that you have all read about Harry Potter. He was the famous wizard who defeated Voldemort. The Harry Potter series were written to explain about Harry, and they are almost perfect. J.K. Rowling wrote that Voldemort never loved. But maybe he did. Read about the story of Scott Riddle, a.k.a. Voldemort's son.


17. (Part 3) Lonely Scott

Scott felt lonely. Even though they had all the parties he wanted, it just didn't feel the same. He had only known Scarlett for a couple of weeks, but why did he feel like that?

Johnny kind of looked sad, too. He, too, had liked Scarlett. 

He had asked to Scott, when he didn't see Scarlett at the celebration party at Gryffindor tower, where Scarlett was. 

Scott gulped. What should he say? He had to say something... 

He said, trying not to sound nervous, 

"She... left. She went to Bauxbatons." 

Johnny said, looking a little sad, "Oh.. Why?" 

Maddie cut through the boys' conversation. She knew that Scott wouldn't be able to answer that question. But Scott knew that Maddie knew that Scott was seeing Scarlett. 

Maddie said, "Who knows? Her brothers left, too. They probably went to Dumstrang." 

Johnny, Scott, and Maddie stayed quiet for a while. They didn't talk. But after about ten minutes, Robin Enderson, a fourth year, came to Maddie shyly. 

He said, "Want to dance with me?" 

Maddie smiled. She LOVED Robin Enderson. She had a total crush on him. 

She said, trying not to turn red, "Sure. I'd love to." 

Robin and Maddie walked away, leaving Johnny and Scott. 

Johnny said, "What's up with her?" 

Scott said, "You know that she has a crush on Robin Enderson." 

Johnny shrugged. 

Scott asked a stupid question to Johnny, 

"Do you want to dance with someone?" 

Jonny shrugged, once more. 

"I don't know. I'll do it if a beautiful girl comes. How about you?" 

Scott didn't say anything. 

Johnny said, "When Scarlett comes?" 

Scott stared at Johnny. How did Johnny know about him and Scarlett? I t was supposed to be all private. 

Johnny made a sad smiled. 

"I know, Scott. Do you think Maddie and I haven't noticed something is wrong from you? We did. Then I spotted you talking with Scarlett in the library after the first task. Scarlett was waiting for you, Scott. It was too clear that you were seeing her." 

Scott said, "You're not angry at me are you? And I didn't ask her to do that. She always popped out from a pile of library books and said hi to me." 

Johnny shook his head and laughed. 

"Hey, it's okay, pal. I understand. I know how it feels. I know that you were in love. I just know." 

Scott said, "Yeah. That's what happened. Yeah." 

Then a girl with strawberry-blonde hair came running to Johnny. She was fairly beautiful. She had bright green eyes and rosy cheeks. It was a big party for the Gryffindors, so they all had to wear dresses and dress robes. She was wearing a light purple dress with beautiful laces. She had a flower on her hair which was curled up beautifully. 

Johnny said, "Um. Sure." 

Scott could tell that Johnny was impressed with the girl. He ran off with her. Scott, left alone, stood there, drinking butterbeer. He wasn't going to dance with any other girl. He wanted Scarlett. 

He looked out the window. The crescent moon was shinning brightly. Scott sighed. He was lonely. He should have never fallen for Scarlett. He didn't know what would happen at that time. 

Three girls asked him to dance with them. Scott said that he was taken, which was true..... Wasn't it? 

When the party was finally over, Maddie came, smiling and looking excited. Johnny looked like he had been in heaven. 

Maddie said, excitingly, "Robin is so awesome! He is such a polite boy, too! And he asked me out! Next weekend! Hogsmeade!" 

She was breathless. 

Johnny said, "Ashley is awesome. But not the best girl she is. She's a third year. I'm amazed I never knew her." 

Maddie rolled her eyes. 

"John, you aren't interested in the third year girls. You like those cute girls in fourth year and second year." 

Johnny turned red and said, "No I'm not! And it's Johnny, not John. You sound like my father." 

Scott didn't talk. It was usually like that. It was always like he wasn't there. 

Johnny told Scott, 

"Hey buddy, you need to forget about Scarlett. You need to look for other girls now. Just think like Scarlett's the past and some other girl is your future." 

Scott didn't answer. Instead, he said, 

"I'm going to bed, see you tomorrow." 

He went into bed, exhausted. He hated Scarlett's parents. What did he do to her? It wasn't like Scarlett was getting too fond of him. Still mad, Scott fell asleep. 

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