Breaking Point

Piper Jones is a pretty typical, sweet, goody-goody. Almost. Though she tries harder than she can, she is terrible at school. She struggles to even get C's. While her best friend Noah is a genius and a straight A student. Piper's mom signs her up for a summer camp to help you get caught up. Everyone has their own tutor, but will she learn anything from hers? WIll she finally get better at school?


1. Chapter 1

    The last day of school. For me, that meant one thing. Report cards. We got them at the end of the day, right before the bell rang. 

     The vice principal walked into my eighth hour class and handed a stack of envelopes to the teacher Mrs.Winters. After a quick conversation she walked around the classroom, placing one on every desk. 

      After about three minutes she placed one on my desk. I debated whether I should open it or not, since I knew exactly what it would say. Still, I opened it up, only to meet with expectations. D's in English, Geometry, and Music, with F's in everything else. Sighing, I placed the paper into the envelope, and slipped that into my backpack. 

     No more than thirty seconds later, the bell rang. Followed by cheers of excitement with some ear piercing shrills from some of the popular girls. As everyone else was racing out of the classroom, I was still picking up my book bag. 

     My best friend Noah walked over to me as I slung my bag around my shoulder. He was all smiles. 

     "All A's?" I asked. He nodded. 

     "What about you?" 

     "Three D's and the rest F's," I answered simply. 

     "Oh." We had a moment of awkward silence, before walking out of the classroom. With that, we walked out of the school. We talked about the normal things and made jokes about pretty much everything. Our usual walking home talk. 

     "I'll see you later Noah," I said as we arrived at my house. 

     "Bye," he waved, waiting for me to get inside as he always did. It was what made him Noah. 

      Before I could even shut the door, my mom was in front of me, ready to see my report card. I handed her the envelope. As she pulled out the sheet of paper, her eyes filled with disappointment.

      "I did my best mom," I pleaded. 

      "I know you did. You really have to learn this stuff though. Just, go up to your room," she said sympathetically. It brought tears to my eyes but I didn't let them show, and did as I was asked. 

       In my room, I threw my bag into the closet, before laying down on my bed. I just sat there, staring up at my ceiling and wondering why my best wasn't good enough. After probably an hour, I heard my name being called. I got off my bed and walked downstairs. My mom was sitting on the couch with her laptop. 

       "Yeah mom?" I asked as I came down the last step. 

       "Piper. I just signed you up for summer camp. It's Camp Learn-a-lot. Lame name, I know, but it sounds perfect for you. You get a tutor to work with you one-on-one, and you really learn a lot." I groaned before she finished talking. 

       "Do I have to?" She could tell I truly didn't want to go, but she nodded anyways. 

       "Go on up to your room and pack, camp starts in two days." That was that. I was going to some stupid summer school. There really was no use in arguing, since she would win no matter what I said. So reluctantly, I went upstairs and started to pack, while texting Noah about what was happening, though our conversation went off-topic quickly. I continued packing and texting for another hour until I was finally done. Then, I sat on my floor and continued my conversation with Noah.

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