Wait i have a sister? *Niall Horan Fanfic*

What happens when Niall finds out that he has a sister? Will he go out and search for her leaving be hind the band and every thing he knows? What happens when he finds out what happens to her?


7. The dream

Niall's pov:

It was late at night and i was about ready for bed. I said good night to Liam and went to sleep.

I had the dream again:


I was walking down the streets of my home town. I was looking at all the kids playing and laughing in the streets. I missed this stuff alot. Then everything around me fell apart at the seems. Now I was inside my old house. My mom was in the kitchen cooking the breakfeast like she  had done so many times before.

"Hello Sara." Theirs was cute little girl in the kitchen with me and mom. She was wearing a cute little flowery dress. This must have been my sister. She was smileing at me as she said hello to me and my mum. Then she grabbed the spoon i was holding and helped me stare the sauce for my mum.

She smiled at me and said, "Niall its time for you to wake up." I woke up to sound of her giggling.

*End of Dream*

I cant belive that i had a dream for the first time of her and i dint wake up screaming or anything. I was smiling now i thought to my self the best part is that Laim is still sound asleep this means i didnt bother him all.


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