Wait i have a sister? *Niall Horan Fanfic*

What happens when Niall finds out that he has a sister? Will he go out and search for her leaving be hind the band and every thing he knows? What happens when he finds out what happens to her?


2. Memorys of a girl

Harry's pov:

Niall looks so tired today. I pulled Liam over to the side and said to him, "Liam Niall look so tired. Didn't he get any sleep last night?" Liam looked at me like I was acting weird. "He was passed out on the bed when I came up to go to sleep last night. I had just thought that he was asleep all night." "Hey guys does any body know what's wrong with Niall he fell asleep with his head in a cereal ball." Louis said looking worried about Niall.


"I don't know Louis to tell you the truth. Liam said that when he came up stairs to go to sleep Niall was passed out on the bed." Just then we all turned around to the sound of some one calling us. It was Zayn. We rushed over to Zayn and asked what happened. " I don't know I just went to go wake him and he screamed as if he was getting murdered then he went and sat in that corner and he wont stop rocking back and forth." I explained that niall was just really tired to Zayn. I told him that it might be best that we just left  him alone right now.


Niall's pov:

I feel so weird to day. I fell asleep in my food this morning I was tried that I didn't even care. I don't know why I screamed when Zayn woke me up like that. I slowly got up from the corner I was in and made my way over to the lads siting on the couch watching telly. They all looked at me ounce and then went back to watching the telly with out a word. I sat down on the floor in my usual spot and tried to focused on the TV. Only thing is the only thing that I could think about was that dream I had last night. Who was that little girl I called my sister.

Just then when I was lost in my thoughts I got this massive head ack. It was like my brain was forcing its self to reamber something it didn't want to. The pain just kept on growing and growing. It got so painful to the point to the point were I had to get up and leave the room before I started to scream out in pain. I said nothing to the lads just got up holding my head and went to my and Liam's room.

I sat down on the bed trying to breath threw the pain when all of a sudden the pain just stopped. It was gone just a quickly as it had come. I layed down on my bed and sighed with relief that it was over. Then I shut my eyes for a second. When I opened them up I was no longer in my room. I was on  side walk watching a little boy push a little girl with blond hair on the swings. I could tell form the start that the little boy was me but then who was the little girl.

Was she the same girl I saw in my dreams last night? Omg she was the girl! She must have been my sister! Tears started to swell up in my eyes as I started to think to my self no, their is no way she's my sister, I don't even have a sister never did never will. It has always been my and Greg. I shut my eyes again wanting to leave the sight. When I opened my eyes I was back in my bed room in the same spot I was in before. It was almost like it never happen.

I went down stairs after finding the courage to do what I was about to do. I went  down the stairs and stood in front of the TV facing the lads and said......

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