Wait i have a sister? *Niall Horan Fanfic*

What happens when Niall finds out that he has a sister? Will he go out and search for her leaving be hind the band and every thing he knows? What happens when he finds out what happens to her?


4. Flying down to my home town

Niall's pov:

I was siting on the plain on my back to Ireland Mullingar my home town. I was stiing in my seat listing to my music thinking about that the little girl I saw every night. I started to think that what my mom wanted to say to me was about or had to do with the little girl form my dreams. I just I didn't know how she fit in. As fare as I knew right now she was nothing but a Mystery girl to me.


I dozed off into sleep at one point. I woke up to the flight attendant telling me to wake up because the plan had landed. I got up and said my thank you then I walked out of the plane. The moment I walked outside I was bombarded with questions form the poparesty:

Niall is it true that your mom is hiding something from you?

Niall why are you back Ireland?

Niall! Niall! Is it true that your thinking of going solo and leaving the band?

I just ignored them all and made my way to the taxi waiting for me and my stuff. I thought that since im coming here I might as well stay here for awhile you know. The place was just as I had remembered it was.

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