Wait i have a sister? *Niall Horan Fanfic*

What happens when Niall finds out that he has a sister? Will he go out and search for her leaving be hind the band and every thing he knows? What happens when he finds out what happens to her?


8. Finding my sister

Niall's pov:

I decided that after this dream I had  I decided that I would do every thing in my power to find her. I would do it to if It was the last thing that I had to do. But first thing was first I need to get some sleep I was so tried.

Sara's pov:

I have been having a lot of weird dreams lately but I didn't dare to tell my mom or dad. Sometimes I even wondered why my parents didn't look me at all. They all had black hair and then their was me with blond hair and blue eyes. My parents never really talked much about my past come to think about it to. When ever I would ask about it my mom would just hit me and say bad girl we don't talk about that stuff ever. I never really under stood why.

I heard a lot of loud noises coming from down stairs so I went to go and check it out. May I just say that was not a smart idea. I had totally forgot that my family was having a party and I was the piñata. my brother must have seen me because he grabbed my by my wrist and started to drag me. "Ouch Josh stops that hurts! My wrist Josh let go your hurting me!" My brother turned around to face me.

"You really want something to cry about Sara cause I can give something to cry about!" "Noooo please josh im sorry I didn't mean it please ill be a good girl." "Its to late for that." He grabbed me by my hair and started to drag me to the kitchen. I could tell that he was drunk. That only meant that was going to hurt a lot.

He threw me on the ground and before I new it every one had gathered around me and was kicking me now. I just layed their help less. I waited until they were done then I got up started to limp towards the door. I deiced to run away. I made my out the door and spent the night hiding in an ally way.

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