The Hate Turned To Love

Jenna had just moved to Cali and met a boy that lived on her street his name is
Niall and he has just introduced her to Harry. Jenna and Harry absolutely hate each other, but what happens when he kisses her? Do things go uphill or downhill from there? Well go read dis and find out.


1. New Kid, Again

Jenna's POV

It was my first day at school in Florida, I have just moved from Tennessee.

Beep Beep Beep.

That was my alarm, I probably should get up now eh? Well, I get up and go take a shower I get out quickly and go get dressed. I pick out my favorite yellow dress. It is strap less and is a light yellow a little darker then pastel, but a little lighter than regular yellow. It has floral detailing on the bottom and I believe it is beautiful. I always wear my cowboy boots with this dress. I put on my dress and walk into the bathroom. and step onto my stool. Yes, I'm so short I need a stool to see in the mirror. I plug in my curling wand and brush my teeth. While its heating up I do my makeup. I keep it natural, a little eyeliner, a light pink eye shadow, and of course mascara. By then my curling wand was hot. I put loose curls in my hair and leave my bangs straight. I walk back into my room from the bathroom across the hall. I slip on some socks and put my boots on. I grabbed my backpack and purse and into the kitchen, I eat a poptart and then leave. I grab the keys to my truck and drive off. I arrive at the school and meet up with the friend I made a few days ago, he lives in a few days ago. He lives on my street. His name is Niall Horan. When I walk up to him to say hi his other friend looks at me then Niall then says "Who's the chick?". "This 'chick' happens to have a name" I snap back "Okay well what's your name?" he asked "That's for me to know and you to not" I say "Well Ni, I will see you around" he looked at Niall and said. "Who was that?" I asked when he walked away "Oh that's Harry" he said "What was that, you're way nicer than that" he said "Well I wouldn't have been so rude, if he would've addressed me a little better. Then I would've introduced myself nicer and a little more like me" I said and then the bell rung. I had algebra 2 first. I asked Niall where it was then I walked into the classroom like a minute before the late bell rung. I walked up to the teacher and asked where I should sit. She looked at me and smiled "You can sit in any open seat love" she said, she was so nice I feel as if I would like this class. Well I thought I would until I turned and saw the only open seat was right next my newly found best friend (notice the sarcasm), Harry...yay! Of course this would be the class where there is tables instead of desks so I have to share a table with him. "Hi" he said and I just looked away. I did continue to glance at him from the corner of my eye and caught him staring at me a few times. I started to realize I might like him but I don't know



**A/N hey yea so yea the next chapter will be up soon cause I have no life and all I do is read and write but yea I have to do a baby project for school soon and I wont have a lot of time to write so it may be a while in between chapters, I will tell you when I have to carry it. Tell your friends who love 1D to read me Thanks!!

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