The Hate Turned To Love

Jenna had just moved to Cali and met a boy that lived on her street his name is
Niall and he has just introduced her to Harry. Jenna and Harry absolutely hate each other, but what happens when he kisses her? Do things go uphill or downhill from there? Well go read dis and find out.


4. Movie Time

He pulls out a movie and places it in the DVD player and goes to lay down on his bed

He gets under the covers and pats the spot next to him.

I sit and get under the balnkets and lay down. He puts his arm on my waist and pulls me closer. He takes his arm out from under me and puts it around my shoulder.

"That's better" he says looking down at me

I give him a little sweet smile.

Okay maybe he does like me, I'm not going to ask him about it because that would be awkward if he said no and he was just trying to be firendly.

The movie he picked was "Children of the Corn"  this movie scares the crap out of me I have seen it already but I will suffer through it.

About half way through the movie I begin to doze off. I wake up when I feel Harry get up from under me...Okay that sounded weird he got up from under me but not like that.

"Morning Sunshine" he says giving me a little smirk. I look at the clock and realize it's 10:30

"Shit I'd better get going" I say

"No, stay"


"I have another movie"

"What movie?"

"The Conjuring"


I lean back down and he comes next to me I put my head on his chest and he puts his arm around me. He presses play on his romote and the movie begins.

It almost the ending and I'm fighting to stay awake

My eyes are getting heavier and heavier by the second and eventually I give up and fall asleep



I'm awoken by the bright sunshine, the aroma of bacon, and an empty bed next to me.



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