The Hate Turned To Love

Jenna had just moved to Cali and met a boy that lived on her street his name is
Niall and he has just introduced her to Harry. Jenna and Harry absolutely hate each other, but what happens when he kisses her? Do things go uphill or downhill from there? Well go read dis and find out.


7. I don't know what to say

(A/N OMG hey guys sorry i haven't been really active lately. My computer broke for about 3 months, then when I got it fixed I got super busy with finals and big tests, ECAs, my life has been very hectic, I know, I know enough with the excuses, but I'll be on so much more now, THANKS!!!!

P.S. In this chapter there is a reference on the military and an opinion that could be taken offensively, just know that I respect ALL the branches of the military, just the same, don't go gettin all mad because I said something) 


I admit it, I really wanted to say yes to Harry, but I just don't know if i could do it, I mean i just met the guy and just got over hating him.

It really brought me to tears because I didn't know what to do.

I just turn away and run to the bathroom to sob

I close and lock the door and cower in the corner when I hear a pounding at the door.

"Jenna open the door" 

"Jenna, please, what's wrong"



I stood and flicked the lock on the door I quickly ran back to cowering down in my corner before he had the chance to open the door.

My head is on my lap and I'm obviously crying

"Jenna, babe, what's the problem? I just asked you to be my girlfriend" 

I didn't want to tell Harry the real reason why I ran off crying so I made one up.

"I just lost a boyfriend that I seriously thought I would spent my life with to suicide, and he asked me to prom that way and at prom he asked me to be his girlfriend. I'm just not ready to date again. I'm so sorry Harry, I truly do like you and I really would like to have a relationship with you, I'm just not ready"

"Jenna, I'm so sorry. If I knew about that I wouldn't have asked. Okay well since you don't want to be my girlfriend, how about you be my best friend?"

"Deal. That will also give us time to get closer to each other."

"Yeah, So do you want a ride home?"

"Wow Styles, kickin me out that fast?"

"No, I would love for you to stay. Earlier you just seemed like you were in a rush to get going."

"Weeelllllll I have time if you want to watch a movie or something"

"Do you like war movies?"

"Uhm, what person going into the military after high school doesn't?" I laughed

"Oh, well 'Full Metal Jacket'?"


We walked out to the living room and sat down. Harry grabbed the remote and logged into Netflix. 

"So you said you wanted to go into the military after high school?" He asked 

"Yeah I have since I was younger"

"What branch?" Harry questioned 


"Why the Marines?" He kept on asking questions

"Because with them, I'm guaranteed to be treated the same as the men. I know for a fact that my boot camp won't be different from the men, and I know I will be offered the same jobs"

"That's interesting" he stated


"I want to go into the Marines too" Harry said

"Cool, do you want to go in right after high school too?"


"Maybe we can go to the recruiter together"

"That'd be great"  He said 

After that we just watched the movie. 

Then, everything went black





I open my eyes and my vision was blurry 

"Where am I?" I questioned

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