The Hate Turned To Love

Jenna had just moved to Cali and met a boy that lived on her street his name is
Niall and he has just introduced her to Harry. Jenna and Harry absolutely hate each other, but what happens when he kisses her? Do things go uphill or downhill from there? Well go read dis and find out.


5. Good Thing It's A Saturday

I grab my phone and see I have 5 texts from my brother

"Hey sorry I was doing homework with a friend and we fell asleep. Can you text me when Mom and Dad leave for work?" I text him

"Yea sure. For 5 bucks" he replies 

"Fine" I say 

I go to put my phone in my pocket but I quickly see I don't have pockets.

Whose pants are these cause they sure aren't mine. This shirt isn't mine either

It smells like Harry.

I walk downstairs and I am greeted by a smiling Harry

"Morning." I say 

"Morning" he says "I made breakfast if you want some" he says 

"Thanks" I say walking to the kitchen 

"Where are the plates?" I ask

"First cabinet on the right" He says 

"K thanks" I say 

I scoop some eggs onto the plate and grab two pieces of bacon and walk out to the dining room where Harry is sitting 

"Hey. Uhm quick question" I say 

"Yes?" He says

"Well two. No three" I say 

"Hit me" he says

"Whose pants are these?"


"Why am I wearing your shirt. And pants?"

"Cause last night yo didn't have any night clothes and I didn't want you to have to sleep in your school clothes"

"When did I change"

"After the second movie" 

"K thanks. That's all" I say 

About 2 minutes later my phone rings 

"Hello?" I say 

"Hey mom and dad just pulled out of the driveway I would give them about 30 minutes to get out of town"

"Okay thanks" 



I hang up my phone.

"My turn for questions" Harry says


"What is your phone case?"

"That's my dog her name was Daisy and she just recently died"

"Is everything okay?"

"Yea, why?"

"Well I heard your brother talking and it sounded like he was in a panic" 

"No it's just my parents don't know that I stayed over last night and I didn't want to get caught"

"Oh okay"

"Where's your shower?" 

"Down the hall last door on the left" 


I walk down the hall and I am about to go into the bathroom when I hear 

"Jenna, wait" 

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