The Hate Turned To Love

Jenna had just moved to Cali and met a boy that lived on her street his name is
Niall and he has just introduced her to Harry. Jenna and Harry absolutely hate each other, but what happens when he kisses her? Do things go uphill or downhill from there? Well go read dis and find out.


6. Are You Serious?

I turn to see Harry standing at the end of the hallway

"Yes?" I ask walking twords him

"Can I tell you something?"

"Yea of course" I say with a sweet smile.

"Come sit in the living room it might take awhile" he says motioning to the living room. He leads me to the couch and we sit down facing each other.

"Okay.............uhm...........this is harder than I thought but uh Jenna.........I think I love you"

I'm pretty sure the shock was apparent on my face. I just sat there completely still. 

Harry and I were pretty close to begin with but suddenly my heart took control of my brain and I closed the gap in between us and brought my lips to his.

I could sense the shock but he quickly caught on and kissed back. I pulled away and saw an evident smile on his face.

"I love you too Harry." 


"I'm going to go shower now."

"Uh..Uh okay" 

I walk down the hallway and go into the bathroom and turn on the shower. I get undressed and step in. 

I quickly come to notice the fact that he only has manly smelling shampoo and body wash.


I guess I will just have to smell like a guy I mean I have a travel perfume and deodorant in my purse. 

I quickly finish. I've never been the one to take long showers.

I turn off the shower and put on the clothes I had on previously and quickly brush my hair out with Harry's brush.

I walk out into the living room to find Harry holding a huge sign up that says "Jenna....Will you be my girlfriend? :)" 

I don't know how to answer to this I mean I really like him but we just met a few days ago.



********(A/N Hey sorry for not updating as much as I would like to but I'm going to try and get on more thanks for reading I love you all!! :) )**********

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