adopted by harry???!!!

hi im kayla. i have a perfect body a beutifull face and flawles skin. i have blond hair and pretty green eyes. im 17 and i live in an orfanage and the other kids their bully me becuase im ugly. but one day a stranger comes to adopt me. is that stranger harry styles???!!! read too find out!!!1


3. adopted!!!!!

hi my name is kayla and i look like this:

i live in an orfanage and im bullied a lot becuse im fat. 'kayla someones here to adopt you' the owner of the orfanage said. i followed her and saw harry styles!!!!! THE harry styles was going to adopt me. he sighned some papers and we went to his house. 'this is your room' he said showing me my room. it was HUGE. im going to like it here i think.

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