Kiki and niall go to the same school but have never really noticed each other but when nial catches a glimpse of kiki one day and then finds out he's got the same classes as her he goes crazy. He thinks she's gorgeous and tries everything to try and get to her but by the last year of school when niall has to go back to ireland, will she be able to cope once she's 'fallen'.* one direction not famous*


1. She's gorgeous!...

Kiki's POV

So first day back at school after the summer holidays should be fun.(note the sarcasm).It was 8:30 so I was running late already because I lived 20 minutes away from my school. I quickly got up (quietly too) trying to avoid bumping into my mum or dad and slipped into the bathroom for a quick wash to brush my teeth and face and then apply some mascara and lipgloss. I skipped out of the bathroom in an unusually happy mood (still trying to avoid) and went back into my room to check my phone. Nope nothing. I slipped on a white croptop, blue high-waisted short shorts and a pair of studded tanned gladiator sandals as it seemed quite warm outside. 

I skipped breakfast and put my phone in my pocket and keys in my backpack and I grabbed my washed out cropped denim jacket and ran out the door. 8:50. Not bad. I practically ran to school to see if I could maybe get there in time but apparently not, when I turned up nobody was in sight so I slipped past the main office and reception hoping to just slip my timetable off the front desk and bolt to my first period class. I grabbed the timetable and checked what i had first. Biology, great. At least it was on the ground floor. 

I skipped through the corriders catching a few teachers on my way but I finally made it to my biology class with Miss Orta. 

Niall's POV.

"Late on our first day are we Kia" I heard Miss Snorta or whatever say as a beautiful flushed girl barged into the classroom. I was just doodling on a piece of paper that I found and then I realised possibly the best thing that I could have. Every other seat was taken apart from the seat tbat was next to me. We all sat in two's and let's just say I'm not really all that popular. But this 'beauty' who I believe was named 'Kia' had no choice really but to sit next to me.

She rushed to the back of the classroom afterlooking around for a few seconds to find a seat. She plunked her backpack down on the ground and sat her nice little arse next to mine and then it hit me, the gorgeous scent of her perfume or shampoo, she smelt so sweet and tasty. I couldn't help but let out a small giggle at the scent. She looked at me and smiled and I instantly fell in love with that gorgeous smile of hers right there and then. "Kia, but you can call me Kiki" she said as she politely held out her hand for me to shake. 

"Niall, but you can call me Ni." I said shaking her dainty hand. 

"Oh alright then Ni. It's nice to meet you." She said politely. 

"You too Kiki." I replied but our heads shot to the front as Miss Orla balled, "ARE YOU QUITE FINISHED NIALL AND KIA!!!" I ignored her and doodled for the rest of the period bot really bothered about learning today. I kept on glancing at Kiki and I couldn't help but smile at her beauty, but she caught me a few times but I tried to cover it up by doodling again.

As the bell rung I rumaged through my pockets to see what I had next. English. Again, Yay. Mr Balls. Pahaha, I couldn't help but burst out laughing when I read his name. I got up grabbed my bag and walked to Mr Balls' class and surprise, surprise what a coincidence Kiki was sitting in the back corner alone so I walked over to her and asked, "Fancy seeing you here but is this seat taken?" 

"No, no your ok sit down I'm not exactly waiting on anybody." She said kinda cute-ly (if that's even a word) and I sat down.

We asked each other questions the full period and I found out she plays football for a pro-under20's team which is hot and I also found out she likes to eat a lot just like me.the next 2 periods dragged on a bit but Kiki wasnt there to lighten the mood so I didn't really listen to anything but lunch came and I went and bought a sandwich from the canteen and sat at a table with,well myself and, erm myself but I was used to it by now. 

Kiki's POV.

So I figured within the first 2 periods that me and Ni are very similar and very awesome but I really don't understand why no-one likes him he's really cool and not to mention but VERY attractive and cute.  It was now lunch and I bought a sandwich from the canteen along with a bottle of juice because I hadn't drunk all day. I was supposed to wait for my best friends Libby, Lauren and Tayler but then I spotted Ni sitting at a table all by himself and decided to go and eat with him instead. I mean the girls have got each other right. We talked about random things all lunch and I actually really like him. 

I looked through his timetable and noticed we both had Math next with the same teacher so we walked together but Ni done something quite weird and well it looked as if he went to put his arm around my waist. Not that I would have minded it but he played it off by the cliche move of yawning and pretending to stretch and I giggled. "What?" He asked in that 'to-die-for melt-worthy' Irish accent of his. "Oh it's nothing never mind." He chuckled and we walked into the class together and for some reason everyone either gave us dirty or doubtful looks which I was disappointed at but we ignored and went and sat in the back, again. We had a lot of fun that period and unfortunately we didn't have last period together so parted ways and went to our last class of the day and well, that dragged aswell I walked out of class to I expectantly see Ni standing there waiting for me. 

I walked over to the handsome boy standing outside my classroom and asked, "How come you were waiting on me?" And he replied with a simple shrug of the shoulders and as we started walking I realise. The girls. They can walk home with each other surely so I slowly walked home with Ni talking about thing we somehow hadn't talked about yet and as we got to my door he whispered, "see you tomorrow, I reckon we could be really good friends." I chuckled a little bit and whispered back, "ok, then I will see you tomorrow." He smirked and kissed by temple before walking of down the street obviously after saying goodbye.

He's so sweet, I love him so much already!


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