Kiki and niall go to the same school but have never really noticed each other but when nial catches a glimpse of kiki one day and then finds out he's got the same classes as her he goes crazy. He thinks she's gorgeous and tries everything to try and get to her but by the last year of school when niall has to go back to ireland, will she be able to cope once she's 'fallen'.* one direction not famous*


4. I really like her!...

Niall's POV 

I walked back home proud of myself for what I'd done earlier. Once I got home I went straight to my room brushed my teeth in my bathroom and decided to let it 'breath' as I went to bed commando. 

Kiki's POV

I woke up the next morning finding memories of last night floating about in my head and thought about what it might feel like for me to be his. He'd call me his princess and treat me the way I would want to and make me feel,well amazing. He'd always talked about finding his 'princess' and how he couldn't wait for that day where he found and fell in love with that someone special. If only he knew?!

I got up and checked my phone and seen that I had a text from 'Ni!xx' which was received an hour ago. It was the weekend s that didn't mean I was late for school or anything. The text read

'Morning gorgeous what u doin today might treat u to our fav?!x-Ni!xx'

'Mornig handsome I ain't doin anythin special so that sounds good... I'll meet you at Nandos at like 1, that ok?!xx'

'No don't bother meeting me there I'll pick you up ok be ready in 2 hours chick!xx-Ni!xx'

'Okay I better go n start gettin ready then!xx'

'Okey dokey I'll be there in two hours!xx-Ni!xx'

I sat my phone back down on my dresser and decided to have a shower so I walked over to the bathroom and grabbed a towel and turned the shower on. Again brushing my teeth while waiting for the shower to heat up. Once the water reached just the right temperature I jumped out my clothes and stepped into the small shower scrubbing off any dirt from yesterday. I kept my pleat in for my shower so it would fall into waves when I took it out. I stepped back out the shower ice I was finished cleaning and wrapped my body in the warm towel I had recently grabbed from the heating cupboard. I rushed back into my room and went straight for my wardrobe. I decided (because it looked warm outside) on my neon pink 'butt-holder' shorts, my black and white 'Aztec' crop-top and some neon pink Toms. I sprayed some of my River Island perfume on my neck and wrists and then pulled my pleat out walking into my bathroom to then lightly salt spray it and then tuck my large bright pink and white flower-crown messily on top of my head. I applied some concealer, powder, mascara and bright pink lip-stain and then put my phone, purse, earphones, perfume, lip-stain and keys into my white with black outlined seems satchel and walked into the kitchen making myself a small bit of toast to eat before Niall got here. I checked my phone for the time and realised that he would be here any minute. I checked myself in the mirror to make sure I looked pretty and I was happy with my appearance. As if on que there was 3 gentle knocks on the door and I quickly went and answered it. 

Niall's POV 

I was getting ready for the one and only 'NANDOS' and realised that I really had to leave. I slipped on some beige chinos and a v-neck white t-shirt. I grabbed my blue hoodie, phone and keys before running out the house quickly locking the door behind me. 

I practically ran to Kiki's house and when I got there I chapped lightly on the door. Seconds later she answered and her oh so sweet perfume immediately hut my nostrils and let me tell you, breathing in her scent again was just awesome and I loved it. "Well hello there pretty little lady." I said while examining her carefully taking in what she looked like today. 'Beautiful' as ever. 

"Hi there handsome young lad." She replied and I chuckled blushing like crazy and she smiled that beautiful smile of hers before I offered her my arm to link with and she happily took it and we walked down the road to Nandos linked arms and excited smiles on our faces because Nandos is literally thee best resteraunt ever in this world. But if I must say, McDonald's is a very close line up to Nandos. 

We got to Nandos and sat down at a table chatting until a waitress with a big grin plastered on her face walked over and asked us what we would like. We both got the medium Nandos special and some water each. I liked the fact that she eat like none other infront of me but any other girl would probably have gotten a salad. Now let me tell you, Kiki is my kinda girl. She's just amazing in every way and I loved her so much. 

Our orders came and we just talked about whatever random subject happened to come up and it was a lot of fun. 

We walked back home after I'd paid for it but we went to my place. Kiki said her dad was away for a few days so it wouldn't really matter what she did as long as he didnt find out. We got all comfy and settled down with a box a Pringles and two big bags of skittles. 

 We sat and ate and talked about lots of stuff and we were just generally getting to know each other even better. I mean by now she knew near enough everything about my past and I knew most things about hers including what her dad does. 

I asked her to stay over tonight so we could spend more time together and she agreed. Thank god because if she hadn't I would have been mortified. We got tired playing GTA5 and FIFA 14 so we decided to go to bed she then piped up with, "II don't have any pyjamas Ni."" She said in a really small cute voice. "It's ok I'll let you borrow one of my t-shirts if you like?" "Yea that would be good thanks"   She said while I handed her one of my American football jerseys for her to where to bed. 

She told me to avert my eyes as she got changed so I let her keep he modesty and I did. Once she was changed I started getting changed infront of her. I took off my shirt and I could feel her green eyes on my bare torso as I slipped out of my jeans too and into some joggies. "Is it okay if I sleep topless?" I asked her she just nodded so I went and lay down next to her. "Keep me warm." She said more like command and so I did as I was told and kept her warm. Practically spooning her. She had her back up against my bare chest and I kissed her neck lightly before saying, "goodnight love. Sweet dreams." Again proud of my actions. I REALLY like her!...


A/N: hey guys sorry for the late update and sorry for the short chapter I have been out all day and have been getting on with school work. I hope ur enjoying again plz like comment and favourite xxx I luv u guys!xxx


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