Kiki and niall go to the same school but have never really noticed each other but when nial catches a glimpse of kiki one day and then finds out he's got the same classes as her he goes crazy. He thinks she's gorgeous and tries everything to try and get to her but by the last year of school when niall has to go back to ireland, will she be able to cope once she's 'fallen'.* one direction not famous*


3. Getting closer...(pt. 2)

Kiki's POV

I woke up the next morning to the sound of my 'beats' still playing depressing music into my ears and frowned replaying the words from the note over and over again in my head. I got up tiredly and checked my phone, 07:57. Not bad, I hadn't noticed that I was really that tired yesterday. I walked out my room and trudged over and into the bathroom. I turned the shower on and brushed my teeth as I waited for the shower to heat up and once it was at the right temperature I slipped off my clothes and hopped into the shower letting the warm water flow over my body as I let all the yucky muck run away from yesterday. I was finished after I washed all my body and my hair. I jumped out and wrapped a towel around my body and put a hair-turban thingy in to wrap my hair up, I picked up my clothes and ran out the bathroom feeling the cold air from open windows behind me hit my bare skin. I shivered and when I got to my room I walked over to my wardrobe and picked out my ripped, washed skinny jeans and a cream strappy vest and a mint coloured t-shirt and slipped my outfit (for the day) on and walked over to my dresser and opened the top drawer to pull out my flower folded scarf and slung it around my neck and then picked up my gold and coral(peachy) 'LOVE' necklace and hooked it round my neck as well and then I picked up some gold/bronzey mirror-shaped earrings and put them in my ears. I then walked into my bathroom and put my hair up in a messy bun and then put my flower-crown on and then I applied some light make-up and walked out with my phone and backpack in hand and I looked at the clock in the hall, 8:32. Again, not bad. I walked through to the kitchen and grabbed the keys I had flung onto the table and then there was a knock at my door so I answered it expecting it to be one of the girls but no. It was Ni, how sweet?!

Niall's POV 

I woke up and the time was 8:10. I woke up early. I got up and ran my fingers through by hair then put the teensiest bit of gel on one of my fingers and rubbed it into my hands and put my hair in a quiff and then put a little hairspray in it to hold it and then I put on my USA tanktop and my black skinny jeans I put some of my cologne on and then walked into the kitchen making myself some toast. 

Once I finished my breakfast I check the clock on the cooker, 8:25. I was ready to leave already. I put on my white 'supras' and leather jacket. I grabbed my bag and keys walking out the door and I made my way to Kiki's house, kinda planning on walking her to school. I got to her door, knocked and waited. She opened the door a couple seconds later looking really pretty today, as usual. I greeted her with a simple 'hey!' And she said "give me 2 secs to grab my shoes n stuff!" I giggled as she was in a hurry to get out a soon as and she ran into what seemed like her room and came out with a cream coloured leather jacket on and some minty-coloured 'toms' I looked her up and down. "You look really pretty today." I admitted, "thank-you very much and you look rather fit yourself." She replied with a small giggle in her tone. She grabbed her phone and bag and walked out the house shutting the door behind her. I decided not to say anything about what I heard yesterday after school but I did ask her what happened to her cheek. There was a rather red mark just in front of her ear. "Oh no don't worry 'bout me I'm fine!" She laughed walking next to me. "I noticed you grab your phone... Would it be okay if I asked for your number?" I asked politely. 

Kiki's POV 

"I seen you grab your phone... Would it be okay if I asked if I could have you number?" He asked as we walked along the road. Wow he's so sweet. "Yeah sure it is here give me your phone and I'll put it in for you." I said back in reply to his cute little question. He handed my his black iPhone 5 and I typed in my number and saving it but also quickly sending a text to myself in order for me to get his number. I looked up at him and than observed what he really looked like up close. Those gorgeous sky-blue orbs and those nice little lips and slight dimple-chin. I hadn't realised I was staring until he broke the silence by saying, "are you alright there?"  I laughed slightly but melted inside at that AWESOME Irish accent of his and replied with a little nod of the head and we continued walking to school. 

We arrived just on time for the bell to ring and we walked in the school gates side by side, me noticing the same doubtful looks as yesterday I smiled at him ignoring the looks and said "We'll I'd better get to class. I'll get you lunch." He smiled down at me with that sparkling smile and braces and replied with "Yeah I suppose so. I'll see you at lunch then." He bent down and lightly pecked my cheek before waving slightly as he walked off to his first period class. Unfortunately I didn't have any morning classes with him so the next time I seen him was lunch. 

Niall's POV

He he I kissed her again I can't believe it, hahaha. I grinned walking to my first class but the morning classes dragged on when she wasn't in any of them. 

It was now lunch and I smiled to myself knowing that she was going to be with me. I bought a wrap today, you know just to have something a little bit different for my lunch today and I sat down at the same table that I was seated at yesterday. I smiled again noticing her buying a sandwich and walking over to where I was sitting and she sat down across from me and smiled. We ate in silence but when we were finished we agreed to go for a little walk just outside

"So how has your day been so far, Ni?" She asked as we walked about. "Alright but it would have been better if you were in some of my classes but it will get better 'cos we have both afternoon classes together, YAY!" I answered as she giggled her little mits off. I smiled. "I adore your laugh." I stated as we started to walk back inside to go to the first afternoon class. "Thanks and I adore your face." She said chuckling to herself. I liked what I heard. 

We got a paired homework assignment in geography last thing and I volenteered to do it with Kiki. We walked back to my place after she texted her Dad saying she would be home about 9 because she'd be doing homework with one of her friends. I liked the fact that she would be staying that long though. We walked back to my place and I unlocked the door and we walked in. "Wow this place is nice!" "Thanks but it's no big deal, make yourself at home." I replied kicking off my shoes. She took hers off too along with her coat and I put it on the coat-rail and we took the homework assignment out our bags and she sat down making herself comfy on my black leather couch. "Are you hungry?" I asked. She though for a second before answering, "Yeah actually what kinna food you got?" She replied asking another question. "Everything, I eat a lot and I like a lot." I said simply answering her question. "Can I have some chocolate please and do you have any apple juice by any chance?" She asked I said, "Yh sure, so chocolate and some apple juice?" "Yea please" "Okay then." I said walking over to my chocolate stash and opening the box full of chocolate. "Any specific kind you like I have most kinds in here?" "No I like every kind of chocolate!" She squealed. I laughed as I pulled out a Galaxy Cookie Crumble bar from the box, I walked over to the dishwasher grabbing a glass and pouring some apple juice into it. "There you go, is that ok?" "Yea that's great thanks!"

We done the homework we needs to do but finished a little earlier than we were supposed to so when we put our homework away I asked, "D'you wanna watch a film or something?" "Yea sure what are you wanting to watch?" "I don't really mind so you pick." "What you got?" "All of the Disney movies and quite a few others." "ALL the Disney movies?" "Yip my personal fave has got to be Monsters Inc. though" "OMG mine too lets watch it!" She squealed as I went through to my room and quickly grabbed my 'Mike Wazowski' teddy and my 'James P. (Sulley) Sulivan' teddy and my Monsters Inc. blanket. I walked back through and Kiki just sat there and stared at me. "What? I did tell you it was my favourite movie!" She laughed and shrugged it off. We started to watch the film and get comfy when I heard her small voice say "Can you give my a cuddle under the blanket? I'm cold." I happily obliged to the part of giving her a cuddle but I was gutted that it was only because she was cold. 

We cuddled and we ordered a pizza and ate while still watching the movie, it's unbelievable how much I actually like this girl. 

Kiki's POV

We cuddled while watching my favourite film and I'm pretty sure I caught him glancing at me right through-out the film but played it off by saying he was just checking if I was asleep. Ohwell the time came when I had to return home to my dad and boy was I going to enjoy this interrogation. 

He was sweet and said he would walk my home because it was getting pretty dark outside so we walked back to my place but I ignored my dad once I got in because I could not be arsed arguing or answering any of his questions. I went straight to bed after pleating my hair taking off my make-up and brushing my teeth. 


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