Kiki and niall go to the same school but have never really noticed each other but when nial catches a glimpse of kiki one day and then finds out he's got the same classes as her he goes crazy. He thinks she's gorgeous and tries everything to try and get to her but by the last year of school when niall has to go back to ireland, will she be able to cope once she's 'fallen'.* one direction not famous*


2. Getting closer...

Niall's POV.

I started to walk down the road towards my house slowly trying to remember what I had literally JUST done. I was so proud of myself and started fantasising about what her lips would feel like on mine let alone her allowing me to kiss her head and stopped in my path listening to god knows what. I then figured out what I was trying to listen to, I heard the faint cries of a girl shouting, "Ow. How could you do that to me! That REALLY hurt!!" Then I started to think. That voice was awfully familiar. Then I realised. Kiki...

The thought of her being hurt made me shake so I took a few steps back and listened in. "What do you think your doing sneaking out to school in the morning not bothering to say anything and then you walk home. With a boy! What kind of twisted little slut does that!?!" "You don't understand do you, firstly you guys were fast asleep so I didn't want to wake you and secondly I just met him today and he's just a friend!" She squealed back to what might have been her Dad but those words pained me so much for no reason. Just a friend. Really is that all I am. Is that all I'll ever be?.

Kiki's POV. 

I walked up the path to my house stroking where niall had just kissed me. His strong cologne just smelt amazing but I recognised it as the same cologne my 'Dad' wears. 'Chanel Blue'. It smelt so much better on Ni though, by far!

I rumaged through my bag and got my key out but when I put it in it didnt turn so I assumed my dad was home. I took a deep breath knowing exactly what was coming right my way. I opened the door and was charged in front of immediately. The screaming began. "How dare you!" He balled. "What are you talking about?!" "You know exactly what I'm talking about!" Then he slapped me. I didn't flinch because I knew it would happen, I suppose I was used to it. "Ow! How could you do that to me! That really hurt!!" "What do you think your doing sneaking out to school in the morning not bothering to say a word and then you walk home! With a boy! What kind of twisted little slut does that!?!" "You don't understand do you. Firstly you guys were fast asleep and I didn't want to wake you and secondly I Just met him today, he is just a friend!"  It pained to to say those three words but I was so tired and just done arguing so I gave in. 

I ran up to my room tears burning in my eyes and as I got to my room I swung open the door and slammed it behind me walking into my small bathroom (just a sink and a toilet) and splashing could water on my cheek to stop the stinging. I turned the tap off and dried my face with a small hand towel and walked back into my room grabbing my 'beats' and laying down on my bed. I plugged them into my phone and put my phone on charge and just lay there staring up at my ceiling listening to music. 15 minutes later. *knock knock knock*. "What." I said coldly through the door. "Can I just say something?" He said kind of sad through the door so I got up and opened the door just enough so my head could pop out. "Yes?" "I just wanted to say I'm sorry listen just read this and you'll understand." He said plainly handing my a damp piece of paper indication that whoever wrote it cried over it. I opened it and a tear rolled down my cheek as I read:

'Dear whoever reads this first,(sorry)

I'm leaving. I'm so sorry but I have to I can't deal with this anymore. I don't love you Davie, your a prick I hate you and hate the way you abuse me. Kia I love you but you've got to understand this, ok? You're not mine. I've felt this way from day one and have known somehow your not mine. I don't know what this is really but I love you so muh just remember that!

Love Amy(Mum)!xx'

By this pint I was sobbing and when I say sobbing I literally mean SOBBING. I couldn't deal with this any more. Seriously I hate my life. I lay back down and listened to some depressing music and before I knew it I was slowly drifting off into a deep sleep.

Niall's POV

I walked home. I lived by myself because my parents had died and my brother lives with his girlfriend but what I'd just realised was that Kiki only lived just down the road from me so I didn't have that much further to walk so I only took 5 more minutes to get home I lived in a fancy little flat that my parents left me the money for. I walked in and took off my shoes and dumped my bag down next to my door and checked my phone. Nothing. I walked into my open living room and sat down and watched a football game. At half time I made some popcorn and grabbed a big bag of Doritos from the cupboard and sat back down on the couch getting comfy just in time for the second half. Full time. That game was INTENSE. I played some Grand Theft Auto 5 and then some FIFA 14 until it was DINNER TIME I got up and grabbed my phone from the counter when I decided I wanted to have some take-out. The great thing about me is that I have a really fast motabolism so I can eat so muh and not get fat. I ordered some Indian and waited for the order to come to my door while playing some Call of Duty. When it arrived I was tired. I paid the guy and said thanks before shutting and locking the door behind him. I ate my dinner and cleaned up and went to my bed afterwards checking my twitter and Facebook before I put my phone on charge and took off my shirt and jeans, slipping on a pair of joggies and going into my bathroom brushing my teeth and fell asleep curled up in my bed thinking about Kiki and what happened today when she returned home. 


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