Hired By Management

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  • Published: 26 Sep 2013
  • Updated: 1 Oct 2013
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Hired By Management; Kim was a normal girl growing up until one day. Her life changed when management offered her a job. Kim was spotted in the crowd at the mall with over 5,000 people in attendance. Her job was to be one of the boys from One Direction's girlfriend. What happens when she signs the contract? Read on and see what happens.


25. Returned To Woodbury

Jean: *texts kim* Be ready in an hour, Harry's coming to see you.
Kim: *wakes Jessica up* Jess, jess.
Jessica: *wakes up* Yeah.
Kim: You have to go, Harry's gonna be in town. I have to be at the airport to pick him up.
Jessica: Ok, call me. *gets up and leaves*
Sam: *picks kim up from the house*
Kim: *waits for harry at the airport*
Harry: *arrives in woodbury*
Kim: *smiles and runs to harry to hug him*
Harry: *hugs and kisses kim back* I missed you. *smiles big*
Kim: *smiles for reals* I missed you too Harry. *kisses him*
Harry: *walks hand in hand with kim and leaves to the car*
Kim: I have to get to school.
Harry: I'll drive you to school then. I'll pick you up and we'll go see a movie later on.
Kim: Ok. *smiles*
Harry: Don't worry, Jean planned for us to be in the house all day, but we're gonna go see a movie. *smiles*
Kim: *chuckles* That'll be better than being home doing nothing.
Harry: Right. C'mon, let me walk you to class.
Kim: *walks hand in hand with harry to class*
Austin: *sees kim and harry holding hands*
Kim: *kisses harry* I'll see you in three hours.
Harry: Ok babe. *smiles and kisses kim again*
Paparazzi's: *snapping pics of harry and kim*
Interviewer 1: Kim, is it true that you and Harry had broken up in New York?
Kim: *ignores the interviewer and goes to class*

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