Hired By Management

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  • Published: 26 Sep 2013
  • Updated: 1 Oct 2013
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Hired By Management; Kim was a normal girl growing up until one day. Her life changed when management offered her a job. Kim was spotted in the crowd at the mall with over 5,000 people in attendance. Her job was to be one of the boys from One Direction's girlfriend. What happens when she signs the contract? Read on and see what happens.


26. Not Knowing Eachother?

Mr. Nickel: Alright, do I have all testes? Remember, homework is due tomorrow. 

Kim: *leaving class* 

Austin: Hey can we talk? 

Kim: *looks around* Sure bestie, about what? 

Austin: *gives kim a serious look* 

Kim: I can't answer out here. 

Austin: Can I come over later then? 

Kim: Can't going to the movies with my babe. 

Austin: *starting to get jealous again* 

Kim: I'll call you though. 

Austin: *annoyed* Don't even call me. I'll text you. *walks off* 

Harry: Hey. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Hey. 

Harry: You ready? 

Kim: Yeah, I am. 

Harry: Alright, let's go to your place. *walks hand in hand with kim* 

Kim: *getting ready* 

Harry: *on his phone* 

Kim: *goes onto twitter*  

-JustinBieberGirl39: Can't wait until @KimAugustine and @Harry_Styles breaks up. IT would make headlines. #lol 

-NatashaGuiloy: Why can't people leave @KimAugustine alone. She's so perf and beautiful! I would love to be her for a day. 

-AdamLevine_RP: Just found a new women crush and it's @KimAugustine! God bless her! Stop the hate! 

*replies to @AdamLevine_RP: "Aww, thanks babe xx."* 

Harry: Are you ready to go? The movie starts at eight. 

Kim: Yeah, we can go. *closes her laptop* 

Harry: I don't see any paparazzi's. 

Kim: Me neither, let's just go. *walks out first to the car* 

Harry: *follows behind* 

Kim: *sits quietly in the car* 

Harry: *touching his phone and not paying attention to kim* 

Kim: Can you turn on the radio. 

Sam: Sure mam'. 

Harry: Can I get two tickets for Taken 2. *takes the tickets and gives one to kim* 

Kim: *slowly walks behind harry in distance* 

Paparazzi's: *snaps photos of harry and kim* 

Harry: *takes a seat* 

Kim: *sits next to harry* 

Harry: *watching the movie* 

Kim: *touching her phone* 

Fan 1: *recognizes kim and harry and takes a pic* 

Harry: Movies done, let's go. *walks off first touching his phone* 

Kim: *walking behind in distance looking around* 

Paparazzi's: *snaps photos of kim and harry* 

Fans: Harry! *runs after harry and kim* Can we get a few pictures? 

Harry: *stands next to the fans and takes pictures* 

Fan 1: Can I get a picture with you? 

Kim: *smiles for the camera* 

Fan 1: Can I get one of you and harry please. 

Harry: *stands next to kim and smiles* 

Kim: *forces a smile* 

Harry: Ok, thank you! *smiles and walks off* 

Kim: *follows harry*

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