Hired By Management

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  • Published: 26 Sep 2013
  • Updated: 1 Oct 2013
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Hired By Management; Kim was a normal girl growing up until one day. Her life changed when management offered her a job. Kim was spotted in the crowd at the mall with over 5,000 people in attendance. Her job was to be one of the boys from One Direction's girlfriend. What happens when she signs the contract? Read on and see what happens.


7. Going Over The Rules Again

Austin: *calls kim*
Kim: Hey babe.
Austin: Oh now you babe me?
Kim: I had to Austin, you knew it. I told you.
Austin: Yeah, but I didn't need to be embarrassed! Everyone at school knows were together.
Kim: Well now we have to pretend that we're not ok.
Austin: Just because of that contract.
Kim: Yeah.
Austin: Well you know what then, fine. It's fine with me, I can stand up to it.
Kim: Look babe, I'm really sorry ok.
Austin: Yeah, I totally understand.
Kim: Thank you.
Austin: Yep.
Kim: Listen, I know I told you that we can't be seen as a couple in public, so...
Austin: Oh I know Kim. We can't kiss, hold hands, touch eachother, or give eachother the looks anymore.
Kim: Yeah.
Austin: Yep, understandable. I just hate seeing another guy kissing and being on my girl.
Kim: He's not typically gonna be...
Austin: I don't care Kim. He's a guy, he's gonna be all up on you one way or another.
Kim: You don't even know him.
Austin: And neither do you.
Kim: I'm gonna.
Austin: Whatever, I have to do homework, I'll talk to you when I'm done.
Kim: Ok.
Austin: Bye.
Kim: I love you.
Austin: You do, really.
Kim: Austin, quit it. You know I love you.
Austin: Yeah, I do.
Kim: *silent on the phone*
Austin: Ok, ok.
Kim: What? *chuckles*
Austin: *chuckles* I love you too babe.
Kim: *smiles* There's the laugh.
Austin: *laughs* Ok, I'll seriously call you when I'm done with my work.
Kim: Ok, don't' forget.
Austin: I won't babe.
Kim: Ok, love you.

Austin: Love you too, bye. *hangs up*

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