Hired By Management

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  • Published: 26 Sep 2013
  • Updated: 1 Oct 2013
  • Status: Complete
Hired By Management; Kim was a normal girl growing up until one day. Her life changed when management offered her a job. Kim was spotted in the crowd at the mall with over 5,000 people in attendance. Her job was to be one of the boys from One Direction's girlfriend. What happens when she signs the contract? Read on and see what happens.


35. Back Together

Paparazzi's: *taking pics of harry*
Harry: *rings the doorbell*
Kim: Who is it?
Harry: It's me.
Kim: *looks at Jessica*
Jessica: *looks at kim*
Harry: You got no choice, but to open the door because papz already followed me here and the best result would be if we act like we're still toget...
Kim: *opens the door*
Harry: Hi. *smiles*
Kim: *upset*
Harry: Can I come in?
Kim: *let's harry in*
Harry: I heard what happened a few days ago.
Kim: Like what?
Harry: I read the tweets on twitter, articles, and... I'm really sorry Kim.
Kim: *cries* Are you? I mean, we made it obvious that we weren't together anymore Harry. I left and you moved on. It made headlines already, you can't come back here.
Harry: You must not been on your twitter correct?
Kim: Why?
Harry: Jean tweeted and I'm sure she texted or called you too.
Kim: No.
Harry: Ok, well she sent me here to pick up to go back to London and you have to act like you're happy.
Kim: But I'm not. I don't want to be with you Harry! "Supposedly" you cheated! That was our plan! Our plan to go our own way! *cries* I can't go back and stay with you.
Harry: You act like I want to be with you too Kim. It's just two months left.
Jessica: You can do it Kim. You'll be home soon again.
Kim: I don't want to go Jess, that's the thing.
Jean: *texts kim* Leave with Harry back to London to save the drama, he happy and smile for the cameras!
Kim: *sighs* Just let me pack my bags again. *leaves to her room*
Harry: *holding kims hand*
Kim: *smiles for the cameras*
Harry: *kisses kim*
Jean: *tweets as harry* "London here we come! @KimAugustine"
Kim: *wraps her arms around harry*
Harry: *puts his arms around kim and looks into her eyes*
Kim: *smiles and kisses harry*

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