Just Can't Let Him Go

When Axidi Iglesias found out she was pregnant with Louis' baby she told him right away . But when she suffers a terible car crash Louis has to make a desion to save only one life.


4. chapter 4

The next day was One Direction' s preformance of `only girl in the world' . Louis gave me fro.t row tickets to go see him preform with his new best friends. As i watched the other acts i realized what the boys are up against. Then it was time. The doors open and liam they step ou as iam sings. 'I want you to love me like ima hot guy ... keep thinking of me yeah doing what you like.' They continued 


So after the consert i met Lou backstage and i also met Harry Liam Niall. and Zayn. And i gotta admit they a reakky cute blokes . Zayn pulled me aside

"Axidi ! I heard there is a bun on the oven"

He said while rubbing my tummy

"Yes and im verry happy about it"

"So who is the proud father? "

"Well its its - .... can we go somewhere private" 

Yes of course. He said 

He grabbed my arm and took me into the dressing room with was filled with posters and letters and gifts from fans

"Okay , Zayn the father is Louis"

"Wgat are you sure" 

"Yes he is the only.one i had relationship with."

"Well does he know"

"No" i said

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