Just Can't Let Him Go

When Axidi Iglesias found out she was pregnant with Louis' baby she told him right away . But when she suffers a terible car crash Louis has to make a desion to save only one life.


3. Chapter 3

The day that i was supposed to have my period didn't come. I was worriedbit i figured that it's just late. Then one week passed i was ready with food and pads and everything. Then 2weeks passed ...i called my mom. She said she was gonna take me to her doctor. 'Hi my name is Dr.Mariden and why are u here' she said with a scotish accent. 'Well my dughter is 18 and she was supposed to get her period 3 weeks ago and im sure she is not pregnant.' My mom told the doctor but then o remember that night i woke up next to him.could it be...no it cant he is on the xfactor....but who knows. 'Okay um of we can have you urinate in this cup please there is a restroom right down the hall.' She said while leaving us in the room. When i came back i gave the cup to the nurse. I went back to the room and sat in a chair. The doctor came back with a folder and lots of papers. 'Well...we ran a few test and...Axidi....your gonna be a mother.' Me and mum stood quiet then we both yelled and huged each other. 'Congradulations.... now can i have you fill out these forms.' She said while shoving a clipboard at me. Then she left me and my mum to fill out the rest if the papers. I have my mom have of the stack. 'Axidi..who is the....father....of the baby?' She said. I couldn't tell her cuz then she'll go tell her best friend. But i have too.'L-L-Louis its Louis Tomlinson. ' My mom filled out the paper work and gave all of it to the doctor. That night i decide to Skype Louis. 'Hey Axidi whats up.' 'Oh um -' 'wait my friend harry is here ...harry come over here and say hi' he came to the video screen and said 'hello love, you must be this Axidi girl that Louis never stop talking about.' T hen he mimics louis voice 'it's always Axidi this axidi that' louis pusses him out of sight. 'Okay why did you call me via the Skype. ' he said . 'Well...' i grabbed my paper and held it up to the camera. 'Cause of this' he started reading and i could hear him mumble out a few words. 'YOUR PREGNANT!!!!' I dropped the paper. 'Yes lou' 'whos the father' when he told me that my heart stopped for a little bit. 'Wel.....' He stopped me as i was starting to talk 'got to go Axidi singing rehersal tell me some other time.' I just stared at him as he close his laptop. I finifhed my sentence in front of a black screen.'...your the father' i said to myself.
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