Just Can't Let Him Go

When Axidi Iglesias found out she was pregnant with Louis' baby she told him right away . But when she suffers a terible car crash Louis has to make a desion to save only one life.


2. Chapter 2

So when lou got through i was so happy for him. He came of the stage running twords us. Him so happy he came and hugged his parents ans sisters then he saw me. I opened my arms and he came to me and huged me around my waiste and sunk his head in my neack. Then the manager told lou to fill out papers and pack up. So he did and went through some auditions and then he got sent home. When he came out he came crying. 'Im sorry Lou, you'll get them next time. We were about to leave when the stage manager made an announcement. ' Can Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik and LOUIS TOMLINSON.' He freaked out and him and all the rest of the boys went inside the arena. The tv got turned on so we can see what ther doing inside. ' We think that you guys should come together and compete ... as a group.' Said Nicole . Then the guy with a beanie...umm...i think his name is barry, no... larry,no... H-Harry thats his name. He was all like 'we would like to take the opportunity'. And thus louis new band was born. Louis then came out running with his arms open. 'IM BACK IN THE COMPETITION!' He yelled. Then he hugged me and spinned me around. 'Woah! Lou ur happy.' That night i went back with him to the x factor house. Him and the rest of the guys started texting eachother about the band name. They were some that were good and some that were just silly. Like whats his name... Niall said the name should be 'Niall and the Potatoes' ha wat a stupid ass name. But harry had a great name. 'One Direction' i liked it and everyone else did too. So One Direction it is , they told their mentor , Simon, the mane. I stayed at his flat while he was competing . They did their video diary always on the stairs. He always used to send me a copy of the videos he was hillarious
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