Just Can't Let Him Go

When Axidi Iglesias found out she was pregnant with Louis' baby she told him right away . But when she suffers a terible car crash Louis has to make a desion to save only one life.


1. Chapter 1

Axidi and Louis' moms were best friends and well as you can guess they were both born 2 months apart. But Axidi and Louis were born 3days apart. So since there moms are bestfriend they ended up as bestfriends. One day Axidi was at Lou's flat just hanging out. 'Hey lets do karaoke. ' said Axidi. 'Okay lets sing' Lou q. We went to a karaoke machine in his room. 'Okay I'll put a song that we both love.' A familiar beat went on.' Louis started first. ' wen i had to myself i didn't want you around' then axidi started singing. ' Those pretty faces always made you stand out ina crowd.' We both continued untill Louis stoped the track. 'Whats wrong Lou' i said. ' oh i need to talk to you...listen i want to audition for the x-factor. And i wanna knoe what you think. ' i looked at him and stood up. Louis stood up too. 'What do i think...THATS GREAT !!! LOU IM SO PROUD OF YOU!'' i huged him . So the rest of the evning we spent practicing his vocals. 'Okay lou we only have 1month to get your voice perfect. So for the next couple of weeks he was practiceing the song 'Hey there Delileh' Then 2 days before the audition we went out for drinks. I think we both had a bit to many. We were so knocked up that Louis and i ended snoging (making out) in a hotel room. We were dizzy . Then lou said in a weird kinda voice 'Axidi l-lets have a-a quicky.' Ofcource i was all drunk and i agreed. From there on i couldn't remember anything. §§The next morning§§ i woke up and last night was a blur. I felt soft blankets on my body...then i realized i waz NAKED. i saw louis next to me his chest was bare. I started freaking out. 'Ahhhhh!!!!!' I yelled. I grabed a blanket and covered my self . Louis freaked out and fell off the bed. 'What!' He said ...i looked at him panting he looked down and covered his parts. I got my clothes and went to the bathroom to change. When i came out louis was putting on his shoes. 'Listen Axidi im sorry i gue-' I put my finger up and made him shut up . 'Just take me home... please' we got ready and i got in his car . The car ride was quiet. He dropped me off at my flat. I shut the door of his car . And left without saying anything. Then i satred wondering if we actually had sex. He started calling me but i didnt answer so he left voicemails. ' Umm hey Axidi im so sorry for what happened last night ' those kind of voicemail messages were left spaming my phone. The day past it was the day of lou's audition in Dublin. He left me a voice mail 'hey Axidi umm today is my audition and i was really hoping you could come but if you dont i understand.' He was left ti audition without me. Then i wanted to support him so i rushed over just to barley find him auditioning. He looked at me and smiled . He did his best and got four yesses
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