~Be Alright~

This story is about a girl, Jade. She was a cheerleader, blonde with emerald green eyes. She can always count on Selena and Julian, her best friends. She was well until one day ... Nothing was going for her. All her friends had abandoned because of this story. She did insult, intimidate, etc. One day the boy came to her school and changed her life. She would not become the same as before, but that was sure that she would never again let herself be pushed around. She would fight and charge the person who had hearts her so much.
With the help of Selena, Julian and her brother, Dylan, she'll gradually resumed her life. But the real cause of this change is the arrival of the boy, or maybe her thirst for revenge against the person for whom she still harbors deep feelings.


1. The new student


The bell rang and all the students head to their respective classes. Jade came into her own and sat in the back as usual. She did not want to be disturbed. Jade had no friends, just Selena and Julian her best friends. Unfortunately they have not taken the same courses, and she was alone in this class. Long live the arts!
The teacher enters the classroom. No expression on his face ... or tired face. Whatever ... Here, a new student. A quick look at the rest of the class ... phew! There is a place in the left row. With any luck the new will sit there.
By the time she turns her head and falling on her  notebook, her eyes lingered on the boy standing next to the teacher. He is pretty handsome with his ​​hazel eyes, his perfect smile, his dimple on his right cheek and his cute face. He looked like an angel. Jade! stopp staring at him like that. He is like any other. Pff ... Jade looked down at her notebook.
Prof: Here Justin Drew Bieber. He comes from Ontario and I hope that he will be received   as it should. There is a place next to Jade at the bottom.

Rooooh! Oh, no! Frankly? Two available seats, he had to choose this one? Anyway ... her quiet little corner will miss her. Must make place for the guy. Jade is a messy girl ... Really messy!

Justin: Hi! My name is Justin and you?
Jade: The teacher just said, are you deaf?
Justin: Hmm ... ok ... Jade, right?
Jade: ...
Justin: I just arrived so can you  pass me the courses, please?
Jade: Yeah!
Justin: And show me around?
Jade: Uh-huh!
Justin: And pass me the schedules too?
Jade: I'll do all of that but let me alone, want you?
Justin: Oh ... Hum ... Sorry.

Justin's POV 

She is really nice! I just want  help! Don't need to get upset like that! If she had not been ... unpleasant, I think I would have made ​​friends with her. Maybe she is a bookworm and she wants to follow the course... or not. I'll try again at the break.
I turn my head to ... Jade. In fact I think she is one of those girls who look up to everyone, for I do not know why. Or I'm wrong, I do not know ... Her reaction is a little ... Whatever!
Jade: Can you stop staring at me like that?
Justin: Sorry ... Really ...
Oddly, she's  pretty ... I mean, she is really cute with her emerald green eyes. She looks like one of the Disney princesses. I don't know which one, but one of them.

Jade's POV

Justin can not stop staring at me. It's really embarrassing. He must surely be wondering why I'm so ... unpleasant. It's not my fault if I act like that. But that's  true that I have not given him time. But ... they are all the same, they do not deserve to be trusted.
Jade: That's enough!
Justin: What?
Jade: Stop staring at me ... this is ... annoying!
Justin: Okay, do not get upset. I stop.
Jade: It would be better!
Prof. Justin and Jade, I see that you are interested in what I say.
Jade: Sorry sir ...



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