~Be Alright~

This story is about a girl, Jade. She was a cheerleader, blonde with emerald green eyes. She can always count on Selena and Julian, her best friends. She was well until one day ... Nothing was going for her. All her friends had abandoned because of this story. She did insult, intimidate, etc. One day the boy came to her school and changed her life. She would not become the same as before, but that was sure that she would never again let herself be pushed around. She would fight and charge the person who had hearts her so much.
With the help of Selena, Julian and her brother, Dylan, she'll gradually resumed her life. But the real cause of this change is the arrival of the boy, or maybe her thirst for revenge against the person for whom she still harbors deep feelings.


4. Just tell me

 The next day

"Morning." Jade said walking down stairs and towards the door "Goodbye, have a nice day."

"Bye, take care." Her mom said.

Selena and Julian were already outside.

"Hey, you're on time today!" Jade said to Julian.

"Yeah, morning to you too" He replied.

"Hi Selena."

She just waved and smiled at her.

"Yesterday was a great day, wasn't it? I have a new friend and nobody made fun of me. Cool"

As they arrived at school, Justin came to them.

"Hi guys!"

"Hi" they all said.

They talked for a while, then the bell rang and they went to class.

Jade and Justin was talking as if they always have been friends, and didn't notice the Music teacher who have started his course a while ago.

"Mr.Bieber and Ms.Maxwell if you haven't noticed yet, the course had started a long time ago. I'm really disappointed Maxwell.

"Sorry Mr. Evans" Jade said embarrassed.

"About you Mr. Bieber, you'd better keep your mouth shut!"

"Yeah sir." Justin said holding back laughter.

"Put you at work, now!" The teacher said turning his back to them and furthering whatever he was writing on the board before being interrupted.

Justin leaned in to Jade's ear and whispered: "Is he like that all the time?"

"Yeah, all the time! Do the exercises I gave and I want it done before you quit the classroom!" Mr. Evans said.

*At the end of the course*

"Whew! For a moment I thought he was going to kill me with his eyes. I swear if gaze could kill I wouldn't be here right now." Justin said once they were in the corridors.

Jade giggled. "He kind of afraid me too"

"Would you come eat an ice cream after school with me? We'll continue our earlier discussion." Justin offered.

"Yeah sure." 

"Cool. Let's go and find Selena and Julian." Justin said grinning.

"I know they are the best friends ever, but remember, they belong to me and I don't share them with anybody else" Jade said half serious but immediately relaxed and stick her tongue out at Justin.

"Already told you that I won't steal them" Justin said laughing.

"Hum, I don't know why, but your face isn't worth trusting." Jade joked.

"Hey! I'm upset now" He said frowning.

"What's it to me?" Jade said. "Don't you want to have other friends than the ''name it whatever you want" girl and her two silly friends?"

"Don't worry. I was planning on making my own friends sometimes. Maybe I’ll find my best friends' substitute soon. Who knows?" Justin said.

Jade stopped walking. She looked at Justin's back with widen eyes and shot opened mouth. 'What about me? I still exist. Duh! ...  Why do I even care? That's so selfish of me not to want him to make other friends? ... What's happening to me all of a sudden?'

"But it doesn't mean that I'll stop being friend with you. You can't get rid of me that easy" Justin add smirking. But Jade was a bit too far to hear what he just said.

"Hey wait for me!" Jade cried.

Justin stopped walking and turned to face her running to him. "Were you lost or you're just an old turtle?" He said with a smirk.

"You'd rather not know anything." Jade replied when she arrived at his level. "What about you go make friends now, and I'mma go to talk with my homies?"

"You're sure? ’Cause I can escort you till there then go my way." He asked not sure to let her go on her own. He still had the whole bullying scene in memory.

"I'm positive. Nobody can kidnap me you know?" Jade said then go find her friends.

'It wasn't that I was worrying about.' Justin thought while he watched her run towards the two at the other side of the school and hug them, his eyes were full of care. He sighed then went at the gymnasium. He wanted to enter the basketball team.


It was time to go back home. As Jade was heading to the outside, she noticed that Justin didn't follow her and was talking and laughing with a group of guys. The basketball team. Well, they were the last persons on earth she would ever approach. They were her worst nightmare and she hated them as hell. She ignored them and walk to a bench. She put her headphone on and start the music, waiting for Justin and texting Selena.
After a few minutes, Justin came next to her and gently patted her shoulder. "Get up lazybones, Ice cream is waiting for us."
Then they both go at Morelli's ice cream. Once they got there, they took place at a random spot then ordered cotton candy ice cream for Justin and cookies n cream for Jade.

"Er- Did you notice that I finally got friends?" Justin said grinning.

"Splendid!" She said sarcastically.

"It doesn't seem to please you" Justin said a bit disappointed.

"Of course it doesn't!" She answered.


"Just because they are the worst persons you'll ever get to see during your whole life. They are cruel as hell and perfect assholes!"


Justin's POV


The waitress came with our ices, we thanked her then I brought back my attention to Jade. I swear this girl is so beautiful. Why on earth would they ever call her ugly? I first thought that she was unpleasant, mean and cold. But it was all just a way to protect herself. All I wanted from the day I've seen her being bullied, was to protect her anytime as if she was my little sister.

"They can't be that bad. They seemed so nice when they talked to me. And in adds, they've taken me in the team." I said to her and smiling proudly at the last part.

"I'm happy for you. And yeah they are that bad, they're even badder than that." She replied eating a spoon full of her ice cream. I mean the ice, not the spoon.

"Are they the one that bully you?"  I asked quitely.

"Um, yeah" She answered and I could hardly hear it.

"Can you tell me how it all started?" I asked hopeful.

She looked straight in my eyes, then bobbed down and bite her lower lip. I could tell by her eyes that she was sad, but I just wanted to know so I'll be able to help.

"I can't tell you" She said and then again it was hard for me to know what she said.

"You can trust me Jade, just tell me." I said putting my hand on hers. She lifted up her eyes to stare in mine. She was probably arguing with herself if she should talk or not. I gave her a comforting look, hopping that she'll finally have confidence in me.

"Okay so." She said softly once again. "Two years ago, I wasn't bullied at all, I was the cheerleaders' captain. So I was one of the most popular persons in this whole school. I did have all for me. Even a damn cute and hot boyfriend: Logan. He was the basketball team's captain and he still is. We were the cutest thing ever and the whole school was supporting us. You know, things like that. The thing is that Logan was so mean to other students and I hated that side of him. I even hated all the attention, all the famous that the cheerleading was giving me, I've always wanted to live simple and in the shadow. But I loved cheerleading  and I loved Logan too, he was my first love." She let out a sigh. "So I never stood up for the others that were bullied by him and I never stopped being a cheerleader. They led me to my loss though. I knew that Logan was a player but I've never thought that he would ever cheat on me. I was so stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Whatever, one day I caught him with Amber, she was my assistant at cheerleading. I thought she was my friend, but no, she wanted to replace me. For a month or so Logan kept apologizing and saying that he still loved me, that he wanted me back and stuff. But I couldn't forgive what he did. And after all the denials, he finally stopped bothering me with our past, but he decided that I wouldn't get rid of him that easy. So with Amber they did their best to forestall me from doing what I liked the most. And they succeeded. I no longer was a cheerleader, and that completely destroyed me. But I survived, finally it wasn't that bad. Then they started with some rumours, nothing at the beginning but they became worse and worse. The whole school started to hate me and to call me names, even my "friends" from that year. It was just like hell, horrible and dreadful." She paused. Her eyes were teary. I know that it's hard for her, she needed to let it out though.

"Please, carry on" I gently told her , rubbing her hand with my thumb. 

"I just couldn't handle it, so I started self-harming, I became a bad cutter. And even sometimes I just wanted to die so I'll be in peace and the world will be fine again. But there were Selena and Julian and Dylan, my brother. They found out and they made me promise that I wouldn't do it ever again. I promised, but it still hard for me, they wouln't stop victimising me specially  Logan and his team.

Now she was sobbing in pain and tears were literally pouring down her cheeks. I got up, went to her side, kneeled down and lifted her head up to face me. 

"It's okay now Jade. I'm here and I'll protect you, got it?" I told her then hugged her tight.

I sat next to her still hugging her. She just cried more in my shirt and I let it be. A bit later, she was still crying but it was less than minutes ago. I just rubbed her back softly, trying to calm her down.

"Shhh. Everything's gonna be alright now. I'm sorry." I said as guilt was seizing me. 

Then it went calm.

"You're fine?" I asked her

She nodded.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you cry. I shouldn't have persisted. Excuse me?"

"I'm fine don't worry. I really needed to vent to someone. Thank you."  She said with a weak smile.

I smiled back. "Er- Can I-"


"Can I see your scars?"

"My scars? What for?

"Just- Show me."

She sighed then gave me her left arm. I softly lifted her sweater's sleeve. And there they were. They were almost gone but I still could see them. God! Those kids must have pushed her deep in hell. I patted her wrist then without even thinking, I kissed it.

"Don't ever do that again, okay? None of them is worth it. None of the things they say are right, are they? Just ignore them, they don't worth crying over. You promise me you won't self-harm again?"

"I promise" She said amused.

"Good, because now we're four you made that promise to, so you really have to observe it."

"Obviously." She said rolling her eyes. "Now let's talk about you"

"Me? I'm not that interesting"

"Still want to hear your story" she said wiggling her eyebrows.

I just could'nt help but laugh. "Okay. But before, don't you want another ice cream? Those melted a while ago"

"Sure, I even forgot about them"

So we ordered another ones. And we stay tere talking for hours. I told her about my family, Ryan, Chaz, Chris and Caitlin. About Canada, school and stuff. About music, basket, things I like and things I don't. Then she told me about her brother and her old friends. Then I drove her home. The ride was funny. There was "22" by Taylor Swift at the radio then "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars. We were singing like crazy and messing around. We finally arrived at Jade's. I parked just on the road.

"Thanks for all Justin. It was a great day." She said grinning. 

"No problem babe. We can do it anytime." I replied winking at her.

"See you tomorrow" she said kissing my cheek, then got out of the car and walked to her door. Just before entering she waved at me, I waved back then drove back home.

It was a good day. I'm glad she opened up to me. I don't know yet what I'm gonna do with the basketball team. Will think of it tomorrow. Now all I had in mind was Jade. I took my phone and send her a text. Now I could peacefully fall asleep. It's early but I'm tired. I hope the night will go by fast.


Jade's POV


I did pass a wonderful time with Justin. Sure at first it made me cry but then I was lightened. As if I was carrying a heavy package all this past years. I owe him big time. I'm happy I gave him a chance or else I would just have wasted my one and only occasion to have a true friend again. I decided to text Selena.


From: Me

To: Potatoe<3

Hey Lovie. Have to tell you :) It was... SOMETHING


No answer. I checked the time. It was 7:45 pm. Wow time goes fast. What was she doing? I went downstairs with my parents to have supper. Dylan was at her mom's, he'll probably be back next week. Then I went back in my room, brush my teeth and wear my pajamas. I grabbed my phone and went to bed. I couldn't stop thinking of the early events. This guy is just so cute and caring. Plus he is handsome. As I was reversing, I noticed that I had a text. She finally answered, it was like 20 mins ago. I checked it. It wasn't Selena though.


From: Justin

To: Me

Night babe. Can't wait to see your beautiful face again .xx


Oh God!! This was so heartwarming and cute. My heart just started racing. I couldn't help the smile on my face. I brought my phone to my heart and held it there. Then I slowly closed my eyes and fell asleep. The smile that he brought on my lips, just never fade. What was he doing to me? Please someone tell me? Just tell me.






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