~Be Alright~

This story is about a girl, Jade. She was a cheerleader, blonde with emerald green eyes. She can always count on Selena and Julian, her best friends. She was well until one day ... Nothing was going for her. All her friends had abandoned because of this story. She did insult, intimidate, etc. One day the boy came to her school and changed her life. She would not become the same as before, but that was sure that she would never again let herself be pushed around. She would fight and charge the person who had hearts her so much.
With the help of Selena, Julian and her brother, Dylan, she'll gradually resumed her life. But the real cause of this change is the arrival of the boy, or maybe her thirst for revenge against the person for whom she still harbors deep feelings.


2. A shitty day


     Jade was waiting impatiently for the end of the course. The breath of Justin, right next to her, does not enchant her at all. This guy has something in him that Jade does not like.
 The ringing.
Jade puts all her books in her backpack as fast as she could and walked into the hallway.
Justin: Hey Jade!
Jade quickened her paces, without looking back. But Justin caught her up almost immediately.
Justin: I just need help. I don't wanna eat you.
Jade digs into her backpack and get out everything Justin needed. She handed him the books without a word.
Justin: Thank you ... It's not that I want to upset you but I need a guide.
Jade rolled her eyes and replied to Justin in exasperation.
Jade: Come on, follow me.

Justin: I do not understand why you hate me. I just arrived and I have the impression that you not really carry me in your heart. You don't even know me.
Jade: And I don't want to know you!
Justin: And can you tell me what I did wrong?
Jade: You didn't do anything ...I just don't like your face and the way you stare at me.
Justin: You're not very nice, you know?

Jade was shocked. But she knew he was right. She stops walking. Justin was behind, so he couldn't see how bad Jade was feeling right now. A single tear rolls down her face.

"Nooooo? Really? He is no shortage of sass! Pfff ...Who does he think he is? He knows nothing about my life, and why I act like that. He has no right to judge me. I didn't like him, but now I hate him." Jade thought. 

Jade: I know ... You're gonna find someone else to show you around. I don't wanna stay with you one more second. Good luck!

Jade left. As she ran, someone yelled at her "Hey,freak! You didn't meet your prince yet?"

Then someone else add  "The moment he saw you, he ran away, I'm wondering why, oh wait, I know why... He's searching a beautiful princess and you're not ! Haha!"

 She wasn't ugly, but a guy conviced everyone to the contrary, including Jade herself.  She shut herself up in one of the cabins of school toilets. Why was she crying? It wasn't Justin's fault, it was hers, and the fault of those jerks. They seem to have forgotten who she was and how she got there, she even forgets it gradually. She has always been influencable, and hear all these people say that she was ugly, fat or other comments in the genre, made her lose the confidence she had in her. She was not proud of the person she has become. Fear to be betrayed if she trusted, she became unlivable. She never wanted to be like that. What's wrong with her. Wasn't she a human like them? She doen't know how people can be so horrible. Nobody on earth deserve to be bullied. 

Jade's phone rang. It was Julian. She dried the tears with the back of her hand. She wasn't ready to calm down, but she doesn't want to worry Julian. 

"Hey Julian!" She said, a little bit of sadness in the voice.

"Hi Jade! What's up? Is everything ok?" Julian replied.

"I'm fine,don't worry."

"I know that something's wrong. You can talk to me, and you know it, don't you?"

"I know-"

"Where are you?"

"I'm in girls' toilets"

"In girls' toilets? And what are you doing there?"

"I'm doing nothing, I'm just thinking about all-"

"Stay there, Selly and I are coming!" Then he hung up.


Julian's POV

"Stay there, Selly and I are coming!" I hung up the phone. I could hear in her voice that something was going wrong.

"What's wrong?" Selena asked to me.

"I don't know, but we are going to find it out, and now!"

"Oh, and where is she?"

"In the toilets"

She shook her head. "She's weird, though everybody goes there."

"You know her. Let's go!" I grab her hand and we run towards the toilets. Her hand in mine felt like an electric shock. And it's feel like this everytime I touch her, or even when our eyes meet. But  I can't think about it right now. I let her hand as if  I had never held it. We were in front of the toilets' door. "Enter!" I said to Selena.

"You're coming with me!".

"And why am I going to enter girls' toilets? I have dignity!"

"She's your best best friend, right?"


"So you can do anything for her, right?"

"But it doesn't mean that I'll enter in these toilets!"

"You're going to do it Julian. You know that you must come in-"

"Don't make me do that, I'm gonna regret it!"

"You're funny when you act as if you care about your popularity."

"I don't!"

"Come on Julian. Take my hand."

"No!" I replied hastly and almost shouting.

Selena stare at me with her big blue-grey eyes, looked surprised. "Okay- So come in by your self!"

I covered my eyes with my arm and walked into GIRLS' toilets! "I hate you Selena Adams, I hate you!"

"I love you too Julian Reynolds." She said with a smirk.

Jade's POV

Julian and Selena were already in front of the door, I could hear Julian trying to convince Selly to enter alone. But it didn't work. Selena can do whatever she wants to Julian. I think that he cares so much about her. Not as best friend, no, something stronger, he is in love. 

"Jade? Where are you? Reply please, I wanna get out as soon as possible!" 

"I'm here Julian." I said at the same time I came out of my hiding place.

"What's wrong Jade?" Selena asked seeing my wet cheeks where tears still streamed.

"There is a new student in my class. Rooooh! you cannot  imagine how much I hate him! He's so annoying!"

"What he did to you? Julian asked.

"Well, he did noting. He just said that I wasn't nice at all-"

Selena cut me off. "Wait, you cry because of that??"

"Oh my poor sweetheart." Julian added.

They tried to stifle their laughter. It didn't take more than a second so they laugh.  That's the thing with best friends. They'll always help you, but only when they'll stop laughing. They were taken from one of these giggles, you can't even imagine.

"Why are you here?" I asked a bit annoyed

"Sorry, ahem, we stop." Selena said breathing a good shot

"Thanks God, can I continue?"

"Of course" They pinched their lips to avoid laughing.

"It. Is. Not. Funny!"

"Calm down. So, what happened next?"

"Well, I was in the corridors then someone told me that I was as ugly as a freak."

"But you know that isn't true. Why are you crying for that? I thought you already knew it but you're the most beautiful girl on earth." Julian said as he pulled me into a hug.

"Can I join you?" Selena asked.

"No you can't. It's my hug and only mine. But if you say something nice I can let you join us." I said.

"Uh... Please!!!" She gave me her puppy dog eyes.

"Come, but you're not gonna get away with it." Grouped hug.

"Let's go out!" Julian almost yelled remembering where he was. "Do not ever listen to what people say. You're much better than them. And in addition it puts us in complicated situations." 

The ringing, again.

We all go to our classrooms.

Justin's POV

"Good luck". Jade said before she left.

Did I say something I shouldn't? This girl is too complicated and not the nicest. She was running when someone yelled at her. It wasn't kind as comment. How can someone be as horrible? She ran away, and I was chasing her. I wanted to comfort her, but she enters the girls' toilets. I sat on a  close bank. When she goes out, I'll talk to her. After 5 minutes she wasn't out yet, and two persons were here. The girl was trying to convince the boy to go in. From what I heard they were her best friends. Finally they went to find Jade. I removed. I can talk to her in class, we have the same schedules. Many minutes after, I heard the ringing. I went straight in class. I sat in the back. Something told me she would sit here. She enters the classroom and come sit next to me.

"Jade I'm sorry for earlier. I would never have said that."  I said sincerely. 

"It doesn't matter. I haven't been very nice to you either." She said head down.

"Don't worry about that-" I mark a break "Uh, I've heard what the guys in the schoolyard told you."


"They talk to you like that all the time?"

"Yes, but I don't wanna talk about it and even less with you!"

"Anything you want."

Jade's POV

It was time to get back home. I passed the whole day studying, talking with Julian and Selena and avoiding Justin. 

Mom and Dad weren't there. I made pasta and eat them. Then I lay on the couch, watching TV until I fell asleep.



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