~Be Alright~

This story is about a girl, Jade. She was a cheerleader, blonde with emerald green eyes. She can always count on Selena and Julian, her best friends. She was well until one day ... Nothing was going for her. All her friends had abandoned because of this story. She did insult, intimidate, etc. One day the boy came to her school and changed her life. She would not become the same as before, but that was sure that she would never again let herself be pushed around. She would fight and charge the person who had hearts her so much.
With the help of Selena, Julian and her brother, Dylan, she'll gradually resumed her life. But the real cause of this change is the arrival of the boy, or maybe her thirst for revenge against the person for whom she still harbors deep feelings.


3. A brand new start


 The sun rises. Its rays pass through Jade's purple curtains. She was well into her sheets. She wasn't ready to get up. But mom's voice pulled her out of bed. She will never know the end of her sweetdream. The door opens, then her mom said "Hurry up Jade, you're going to be late!"

"Hummm! Don't wanna go to school, I don't even know why I go there everyday to support people's scorn!"

"You got up on the wrong foot today. You know, you're special and whatever others say, you'll always be."

"Oh please, you only say that because I'm your daughter!"

"No, I really mean it. Get up now lazybones."

Jade got up and walks slowly towards the bathroom. After a short shower she was wearing this: http://www.polyvore.com/jades_outfit/set?id=103440155

She grapped her backpack, went down stairs.

"Bye mom" she said as she kissed her cheek.

"You don't even take your breakfirst" her mom said.

"I'm not hungry mom, and besides I'm late. See you" She said and hurried outside. She texted Selena.


From: Banana<3

To: Potatoe<3

Hey love :) Let's go school


From: Potatoe<3

To: Banana<3

Hi sunshine :D I'm glad for once you didn't call me Potatoe. I'm out in a sec


From: Banana<3

To: Potatoe<3

Hey I love your outfit



From: Potatoe<3

To: Banana<3

Thanks I love yours too. Don't you know where's Julian?


From: Banana<3

To: Potatoe<3

I dunno, he's always late


Then they heard a slamming door


From: Potatoe<3

To: Banana<3

Here he is.


From: Banana<3

To: Potatoe<3

Why you're still on the other side of the road then you little potatoe? Cross it


Selena crossed the road and hugged Jade. They walked to Julian who was waiting in front of his house.

"Hey g-"

"Don't. You're late... again" Jade said.

"My alarm didn't ring" Julian explained.

"Oh please. I heard it myself from mine" Selena added.

"So, next time, Selly and I are going to pull you out of bed on our own. That way you won't have any excuses" Jade teased.

"Anything you want ladies" Julian winked at them. "You both look so great in pink"

"Awn you don't look so bad yourself" Jade said.

Both girls kissed him.

"Ew you're so disgusting" He said rubbing his cheeks.

"Let me show you" Jade told him and kiss his whole face another 10 times.

"What are you doing?" Julian asked

"I'm turning your stomach" she replied.

"Who said I didn't like your kisses? That hers I don't like" he said showing Selena with his eyes.

"Oh please that hers you like the most, you love her" Jade said smirking at him.

"You like bullshitting like that?" He said pushing her on the side so he could walk towards the school.

Jade gave Selena a quizzically glance, she just shrugged.

"Julian?" He didn't answer. "Julian, what did I do?" She asked.


"Just tell me."

"You did nothing, I just don't want you to play with stuffs like that" He replied

"Which stuffs?" She asked not knowing what he was talking about.

"Look, just drop it"

Jade looked at Selena and mimed "What?"

"Weirdo" Selena mimed back

When they arrived at school, the bell was just ringing.

"See ya guys" Selena said and go.

Julian was leaving too but Jade stopped him "What was that?"

"Hum. I've courses now. Talk to ya later." Then he left.

Jade shrugged and made her way to her class. There was no place at the back.

"Hey, I kept a place for you" Justin said waving at her. She walked towards him and sat there.

"Hello" She said.

"Hi, you're alright?"

"Yeah thanks...er...I'm s-"

"Morning class" the professor said entering the classroom.

Justin looked at her waiting for whatever she was about to say. She ignored his gaze and pulled out her stuffs. Justin cut up a piece of paper and write on it "You're what?" and slide it to Jade. She looked at him amused, he encourage her to answer.

'I'm sorry for yesterday'

'Don't be. It was my own fault, so I'm sorry too.'


'So we're friends?' Jade read this question over and over again. Justin nudged her gently telling her that way that he is waiting for her answer. Jade look at him in the eyes thought a while then answered on the paper.

'I don't know. Maybe I can give you a chance?'

Justin smiled while reading it, took his pen and answer.

'I'm not treating you like them, you can trust me. I'm glad we're friends'

The paper wasn't kept too long by Jade. The answer came immediately in her mind. She just couldn't do it that easy.

'Wait we're not friends yet, we're just classmates kay?'

'That will be enough for the time being ;) '

'Let me follow the courses now. I've always be a good student and it won't change anytime soon'

'Watch out gurl, bad side's showing up again ;) '

Jade gave him the death glare, rised an eyebrow and sighed in annoyance. 

"What?" Justin asked  in a laugh.

This kid was making something to Jade's mind but it was just the felling that she could have confidence in him.  

After the course Jade went to find Julian and Selena. As she was walking Justin caught her up.

"Hey can I come?"

"You don't even know where I'm going." She replied.

"Well I don't care, I'm coming." He gave her a big cute smile then stick his tongue out at her.

"Anything you want Justin Kiddish Bieber."

Jade and Justin went so to her usual place and meet Julian and Selena there.

"Hello guys!" Jade said.

"Hey girl"  Said Selena and Julian.

"So you remember that Justin guy I talked about yesterday?"

"Um, the one that told you that  you're mean?" Asked Selena.

"The one that annoyed you and made you cry?" Asked Julian.

Justin looked  embarassed and  so did Jade.

"No- um yes. But I wasn't crying. Not because of him anyway."

"Okay- so what about this troublemaker?"

"I'm kind of friend with him, I mean just classmates."

Selena and Julian widened their eyes. Jade continued.

"Here he is." She pushed him in front of them and  introduced him. "Guys this is Justin, Justin this is Selena and this is Julian, my besties."

"Hi, nice to meet you." Justin said all smiley.

"Nice to meet you too" Selena  replied.

Julian smile at him back.

"He had no one  to stay with so he asked if he could  come with me. It doesn't bother you right?"  Jade  asked  them

"Of course no" Said Julian. He put his arm over Justin's shoulders and drove him to the bench, followed by the two girls.

"So you're friend with Jade." Julian  asked.

"We're not friends, that's what she said." 

"And do you know why?" Julian continued.

"I think so."

"Good thing. Now, if you ever hurt her, you will regret it all your life. I'll kill you. Get it?"

"Um yeah. But she is the only one I get to know so far, if I can say. So why will I treat her badly?" Justin asked a bit nervous.

"You'll make friends sooner or later, they can change your mind, make you hate her and treat her like they do. Just be carefull what you do."  Julian said.

"They won't." Justin replied.

"She doesn't trust you and we don't ourselves. And in add, you said that she wasn't nice"   Selena added.

"But now I do understand why she acted like that." Justin said.

"Anyway you didn't have to judge her before knowing her." Selena  continued.

"Oh and don't try anything with her okay? You just can be her friend, not more or else I'll cut your balls." Julian threatened him.

Justin started to freak out.

"Okay okay. Stop it guys. You're getting the poor child scare." Jade said half amused and putting an end to all this. "That not kind of you'

Julian and Selena burst into laughters.

"That was quite amusing though." Julian said. "We were just kidding Justin. Don't hate us." He started laughing again.

"Oh- that wasn't cool." Justin said with a smile.

"We're sorry. You can join us anytime. You seem nice." Selena told him.

"Thank you." He replied.

"But I was serious when I said not to try anything with her." Julian said seriously.

"Okay. I got it"

"I warn you right now, if you want to be friend with us, you'll have to support this two. They are like cats and dogs sometimes, and when they are in good terms they are annoying and can become complete asses. They always fool me,  that sucks." Jade said.

"What? Don't give him a bad image of us young lady. We raised you. Don't be impolite please." Julian said jokingly.

Jade sighed. The bell rang. They told their goodbyes and every one of them went to class.

"I like your friends." Justin said.

"Well you said it, they are MY friends don't steal them." Jade replied.

"You're funny, and so are they." 

"Yeah and I love them."

"Are you and Julian a thing? Because he gets jealous."

"Oh- yeah we are. He's so adorable."  Jade said smiling. 

"That make sense now."

"No that's not true. We're not dating-"

"I don't understand."

"He's just overprotective. He thinks that we're still little babies."

"That's cute. What do we have now?" He asked.

"Sciences but teacher isn't here today."

They stay in the class and talked for a while. They had a lot in common but still so differents. They get to know each other. 

"You know I was bullied at  school at a time. They said my clothes were'nt cool, that I was short or that my hair was stupid. So I know how you feel. I'm not going to do like them I promise." Justin told her in confidence.

"I'm sure of it now. I'm so sorry for what you did through." Jade said with compasion.

"You don't have to. That's life and no matter what you do you'll be criticized."

"Well, I think you can call me a friend now." She said smiling all her teeth out.

Justin smiled back at her.



AN: So here is the third chapter. It's been like ages right? I'm so sorry, I couldn't find time to write it. I was so busy. But now I'll try to publish more often though. Please leave a comment to tell if you like the story or if I need to change something. I want to know what you guys think of it. 










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