Hermione's Secret Crush

Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and Harry have been best friends forever. Then something comes up between them in their sixth year. Friends become enemies. Enemies become friends. New romance and new friends. What will happen in the end?


5. The Truth

                  GINNY'S P.O.V

                 I woke up the next morning feeling strange. I walked over to the mirror, screamed, and stared in horror at what I saw! I was Hermione! I was right, she used a poly juice potion on me! I went over to my trunk, now realizing that my pajamas were to tight. As I opened it, I understood that Hermione had planned it all out: drink poly juice potion, switch trunks, get Harry. I changed into her clothes and went downstairs.

               When Ron said, "Hi Hermione," I almost yelled at him and said I'm not Hermione, I'm Ginny! But then I remembered. So I just said hi.

               When I saw Hermione, or should I say me, I almost strangled her! She was holding Harry's arm like boyfriend and girlfriend. My jaw dropped.

                Hermione just smiled sweetly and said, "Good morning Hermione." I tried to smile back, but all I could manage was a face that looked like I was eating something sour.

               "Harry would you like to take a stroll outside with me, Ron, and Hermione?" Hermione asked.

              "I would love to Ginny!" He replied.

              I made a face at Hermione which Harry and Ron couldn't see. As we walked outside, Hermione started talking about making sweet memories and as she kept talking I saw where this was going.

              So I formed a plan of my own. Just as she was about to close in for a kiss, I said, "You are totally right Hermione, and that is why you shouldn't have turned me into you and you into me!"

              "What are you talking about? You are Hermione!" Exclaimed an outraged Hermione.

             "Is this true Ginny, Hermione, whatever your name is?!" Harry questioned.

             "It is true and you know it!" I yelled.

             "Umm...maybe...I don't know...YES!" Hermione cursed at the last word, as she knew that was a huge give away.

             Harry and Ron gasped while I played a angry smirk on my face. "Hermione how could you do this?! You just didn't hurt Ginny, you hurt me as well," Harry cried.

             "I was jealous! All these years and we still weren't anything more then best friends. I started to see that you loved Ginny and that's when I couldn't bare it any longer!" She replied with an angry throb in her voice.

             Harry looked heartbroken. He was probably thinking how could they be friends if Hermione loved him when he didn't love her back. I felt really bad, so I put a reassuring arm around him.

            Ron broke the silence by saying, "Well...we all got to get to our classes now." We all walked in silence. when we got inside, I went my separate way and they went theirs. 

            That night I just sat in the common room eyes tearing up. Just the Harry came in and sat beside me on the couch.

            "I'm sorry," I said.

            "For what?"

            "For everything," I replied. I laid my head on his strong shoulder.

            "I really do love you," he whispered.

            "I love you too," I whispered back. With that, we both got up, kissed each other softly on the lips and went to bed.



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