Hermione's Secret Crush

Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and Harry have been best friends forever. Then something comes up between them in their sixth year. Friends become enemies. Enemies become friends. New romance and new friends. What will happen in the end?


4. The Poly Juice Potion

                HERMIONE'S P.O.V

                After I had collected Ginny's hairs I went straight to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. No one goes in there because of her moaning. So I had decided to store my poly juice potion in there. I added her hairs to the poly juice potion which I had worked so hard and long on. My dorm was right next to hers. Tomorrow I would be Ginny! The plan was so flawless! (Or I so I thought!)

                                                                   GINNY'S P.O.V

                After Hermione started stroking my hair, I knew something was up; but she left before I could figure out what she was doing. How dare she! She was going to turn into me! I couldn't let this happen! I just won't allow it! I jumped out of bed and got dressed. I was really hungry, but luckily for me I had saved some candy, so I had at least eaten something. when I got to our table Harry was still eating. He forced a weak smile. He must feel awkward. now he knows I and Hermione like him and we are his best friends! I sit down next to him and grab a biscuit.

             " Feeling better?" he asks me.

             " Yes," I reply, a little embarrassed. We jut sat there in awkward silence, munching on food.

            " Well, got to get to class," Harry eventually said. Breaking the awkwardness that filled the air. I nodded in response and he left.

            The rest of the day was horrible! I barely could pay attention in class. All I could think about was last night and the turn of events that took place. A couple of times my friends had to nudge me because I had fallen asleep. And all day people kept asking what had gotten into me. When I got into bed that night, I had horrible dreams.


             The next day, I woke up early to get my plan in progress. I took the vile that contained the poly juice potion, that would turn Ginny into me, and the other vile that would turn me into her. I poured the first one down Ginny's mouth, and the second one into mine. It tasted disgusting! But it would have to do.

             It is a good thing she is still asleep! I watched in fascination as she turned into the beautiful me. And then I watched in horror as I turned into the ugly red head Weasley that had stolen my boy away from me.

             Now that I had accomplished that, I switched our trunks, changed into her clothes and went back to sleep.




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