Hermione's Secret Crush

Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and Harry have been best friends forever. Then something comes up between them in their sixth year. Friends become enemies. Enemies become friends. New romance and new friends. What will happen in the end?


2. The Kiss

                                                       HARRY'S P.O.V

   I had just woken up and I looked over to the bed beside me to see if Ron was still asleep. His bed was empty, so I assumed he went down for breakfast. When I got downstairs, Hermione was waiting for me. " Ron was so hungry he couldn't wait, he apologizes," says Hermione. I nodded. She grabbed my hand and we headed to the Great Hall. As we were eating, we looked over our schedule. " First we have double potions with Slytherine, then Defense Against The Dark Arts." Said Hermione. I sighed, " Double potions on are first day with Slytherine! We are so lucky!" I said sarcastically. Hermione only laughed.

  It was our break before bed and Hermione thought it would be nice to take a walk outside. "What about Ron?" I asked. " Oh, he said he had to do something." She replied. She took my hand and started swinging it as we headed outside. She must be very happy, I thought.

  We stopped under a tree and Hermione stopped me from sitting down. " Is something wrong? I asked. "Harry, I need to tell you something," she paused," I have waited six years for this and I can't wait any longer." Then, she wrapped her arms around me and closed in. I knew what was happening, she was going to kiss me! I tried to get loose, but her grip was to strong, all I could do was give in. So when she locked her lips with mine, I let her.

                                                      GINNY'S P.O.V

  At first I was so shocked I just stood there standing and staring, but then I came back to earth and sprang to action. " Get off of him!" I screamed. But she didn't even flinch. now I was even more angry. I leapt forward and yanked her back so hard, that it is a wonder she is alive. " I said get off him, HERMIONE!" I screamed again. she looked at me like I just killed her father.

  " You said that I never had a chance with him and to not waste my time, but you only said that because you wanted him for yourself!" "So? He never was going to fall for you anyways!" She screamed back. " You don't know that!" I said, tears streaming down my face. " I trusted you, I thought you were my friend!" I yelled, and then ran off crying. Then, Hermione said goodnight to Harry, kissed him on the cheek, and walked off. harry just stood there looking confused and helpless.


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