Hermione's Secret Crush

Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and Harry have been best friends forever. Then something comes up between them in their sixth year. Friends become enemies. Enemies become friends. New romance and new friends. What will happen in the end?


1. Our Second Home

                                         HARRY'S  P.O.V

  The train had just stopped and Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and I were getting on the on the carriage. It was mine, Hermione's, and Ron's sixth year at Hogwarts. Ginny was just a year below us. we started talking about how are summer was. We were all excited to be returning to Hogwarts and when Hogwarts came into view everyone turned their gaze towards their second home.

  Hermione took my hand into her's. I looked down and smiled. Oh, how I had missed my friends that summer, they were like the brother and sisters I never had! When the carriage stopped, we got out and walked through the welcoming big oak doors. When we got inside the great hall, we chose the closest seats to the sorting hat. Everyone loved watching the first years getting sorted into their houses and to see who would be the new additions to their house.

  We watched the anxious first years as they followed Professor McGonagall towards the sorting hat. She stopped right in front of it and when all the first years had stopped, Professor Dumbledore started his yearly speech, saying which areas were off limits, welcoming us old students back, and so on. " Welcome first years," said Professor Dumbledore, " I hope you enjoy your stay here at Hogwarts." The sorting hat sang a song and then Professor McGonagall called the first name, " Emily Stilk." A scrawny red head walked up to the sorting hat and placed it on her head. "Hmmmm, I see you are a very smart girl, and there is no better place for you then, RAVENCLAW!" Shouted the hat. Emily placed the hat back down and walked smiling to the Ravenclaw table, which was cheering loudly. It went on like this for the rest of the students.

  When all the students were settled in their seats, Dumbledore said, " Let the feast begin!" And with a flick of his finger, delicious food filled all of the tables and plates. After everyone had stuffed their bellies so much that they felt like they would explode, Dumbledore dismissed us and we followed Percy, (Our prefect and also Ron's brother) to our common room. When we reached the fat lady portrait, Percy said the password, which was "pumpkin skin" and the portrait swung upward. We entered our common room and went up to our dormitories to change.

                                                        Author's Note

  Now I want you to know that the romance doesn't start until chapter two so just keep reading and then you can see if you don't like it. Also I have life, which sadly includes school, so if I don't post it means I am to busy. But if you encourage me enough, I will find time to write some more! Hope you liked it so far!




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