Hermione's Secret Crush

Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and Harry have been best friends forever. Then something comes up between them in their sixth year. Friends become enemies. Enemies become friends. New romance and new friends. What will happen in the end?


3. Ginny's Hair

                                                             HARRY'S P.O.V

               The next morning, I didn't want to get out of bed. who knows how Ginny and Hermione would act. But I got up anyways because I was really hungry and didn't want to miss class. When I sat down in the seat next to Ron, he immediately asked me where me and Hermione were last night.

               "I was looking all over for you guys!" he exclaimed.

               " Umm, well, we went on a walk outside." I replied.

               " Harry is something wrong? You look pale." Ron asked.

               " Actually, there is........... " I started to say. Right at that moment Hermione walked in and sat across from us.

               " Well, out with it Harry!" Ron said.

               " I can't, well not right now at least." I whispered to Ron. He looked at Hermione with a questioning look.

               " Where is Ginny?" Ron asked.

               " Oh, she won't get out of bed; I don't think she feels to well." She replied. Trying to look sullen. Ron nodded, obviously believing her.

               " So what is our first class?" Ron questioned.

               " Transfiguration," Hermione replied.

               " Ok," I said trying to sound happy.

               The day went a little awkward and by lunch time, I hadn't said anything to Hermione unless it was necessary.

               " We should really check on Ginny." Ron said. "I will do it" Hermione had said and then she had left.

                                                        HERMIONE'S P.O.V

               I left the Hall and ran up the stairs to our dorm. This was my chance to get another kiss from Harry. I don't think he likes me and I will probably never have the chance again; so here was my chance. When I reached Ginny's room, I went up to her and stroked her hair, getting a couple pieces and placing them in my pocket.

              " What's the matter?" I said.

              " Like she didn't know," Ginny thought.

              I left with a joyful expression on my face.








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