adopted by simon part3

part 3 to adopted by simon


2. meeting...guess who

Shelby's P.O.V

I walked into the house and dad just did that smile so I just giggled and turend around and gasped. Thare was five boys yelling surprise at me and I said ''I must be dreaming somebody pinch me''. Then I pinched myself and yelled ''OWIE''. then they just started laughing.

Niall's P.O.V

I just saw that girl named Shelby. Man she's beautiful. She has dirty blond hair and crystal blue eyes. ''WOW she's beutful!'' I said then she started blushing. ''OH MY GOSH I didn't reliese that  I said that out loud!'' She just laughed and said ''Can I get trough please?'' ''Oh sure, sorry'' I said and moved out of the way.then I smiled and looked at Simon. he stared at me with his eyes saying hands off! then I did a sad look.

Shelby's P.O.V

I heard Niall say I was beautiful. and I said o my gosh I did not just hear Niall Horan say I was beautiful I am no where near pretty even how would I be beautiful?

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